Change out Your Dock Doors for a Better 2016

prescribed maintenanceHow many times do the workers in your facility say, “I hate that door”? Do you know? How aware are you of how the people in your facilities are using or misusing your loading dock doors?

Unfortunately, many accidents or problems at the loading dock are the fault of problems with doors or how the workers operating the doors have learned to live with their limitations. A number of issues are possible:

The door is a good door, but it’s not right for the location or use – It’s important to consult a professional door dealer with a good reputation for both sales and service before you buy new doors, otherwise you may find that the doors you have will not perform for you the way you need them to. It helps to do your research and ask your workers or others in your industry what kind of specifications the equipment you need should have.

The door was incorrectly installed or is broken – Before you buy anything, ask your door dealer who will be doing the installation. Many dock equipment companies outsource their installation to third parties who do not have a relationship with the customer. Beuschel Sales makes sure our clients only deal with our staff for both installation and repair. We train our workers directly so that we can better ensure exceptional service. No matter what type of dock door or equipment you order or need repaired, our staff can make sure it works for you.

Additionally, all of the equipment Beuschel Sales orders is delivered to us directly and not to our clients. This is so that we can ensure the right products arrive, in pristine condition, so that the day we arrive to install your equipment is the day it will be installed and working for you.

The door is being improperly used either because of worker error or lack of training – After the proper equipment is ordered and installed, it’s also important to monitor your workers to see that they are using it correctly. All doors are not made the same. Many doors are designed to perform specific tasks under specific circumstances, and if they are not, efficiency is not maintained and product, equipment, or workers are exposed to risk of accident or loss. Nothing takes the place of good, comprehensive training and periodic inspection.

If you are concerned that the doors in your buildings and facilities are not adequately performing or that they are not right for their intended jobs, please contact Beuschel Sales today. We would be happy to consult with you about products that would better suit your needs. Start 2016 off right with dock equipment that does the job it’s meant to do every time without fail.

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