Why Invest in High Speed Doors?

The production and storage area of any business is not the most visible part, but next time you drive by one, consider what happens there and how inefficiency or exposure in those areas can affect product stability or production. Doors serve as a barrier between clean controlled areas, temperature controlled environments and the undesirable elements on the other side of the doors. Are your doors serving the function that best serves your needs?

Beuschel Sales has a lot of experience and success installing high speed doors at apple packing, cold storage, food production and environmentally controlled facilities in West, Northern and Mid-Michigan. Why do high speed doors make such a difference? Well, the basic highlights of a good storage/production facility door are:

  • Speed at which the door opens/closes to seal off area
  • Energy savings and environmental control it provides
  • Increased work flow efficiency
  • Impactable design and low maintenance costs

This doesn’t fully explain why installing this type of product is particularly useful or a good investment, though. Cold storage areas, such as those used to carefully maintain an environment designed to keep perishable items like apples for months at a time, must preserve a specific temperature and humidity. High speed cooler and freezer doors are specially engineered to accomplish this and can be opened and closed hundreds of times a day without compromising either. Their tough construction makes for a long lasting door and durable door.

High speed doors also work well in other manufacturing or business applications because they improve the flow of traffic of goods and minimize exposure of the products to the outdoors or the elements within the facility. Whether this means reducing dust, dirt, and pollutants or heat, cold, and wet, the result is a more stable product condition, be that food, pharmaceuticals, or electronics. Your employees will also benefit from working in a cleaner, safer, and more comfortable building.  We also offer excellent options for the automated car wash industry.

If your business or manufacturing environment is physically challenging one, we can provide a door that will meet your needs.  If you are considering updating or upgrading the doors on your facility, call us at Beuschel Sales. We can advise you on what products would be most beneficial, and we also offer return-on-investment analysis to help you make the best decision for your company, your products, and your employees.

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