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Albany High Speed Roll-Up Doors

  • Impact-able design
  • Open at up to 100” per second
  • Energy saving design
  • Insulated fabric and clean room application available


  • Value with Reliability: UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are affordable, space-saving commercial doors that deliver the most value for the price. You’ll optimize limited space and budget plus reduce maintenance and energy costs. More importantly, you’ll ensure safety and operational efficiency. UltraSlim™ high speed fabric doors are self-repairing and ideally suited for industrial and commercial applications with separate work areas and moderate traffic conditions.
Ultraslim High Speed Roll Up Door


  • Speed, Productivity and Savings: Albany Door Systems’ self-repairing UltraFast™ high speed fabric doors are work horses. Designed specifically for high traffic, heavy duty, industrial and commercial applications these high speed doors are perfect in either interior or exterior applications where moderate wind and/or negative pressure are a problem. UltraFast™ high speed fabric doors deliver opening speed of up to 60” per second with an option for 100” per second. You’ll meet productivity goals without compromising safety or maintenance cost.
Ultrafast High Speed Fabric Door


  • Take the Chill Out of Energy Costs: Albany Door Systems’ ThermaChill cold storage doors are insulated doors designed for high traffic, heavy duty cooler and freezer applications. These energy efficient doors enhance safety, improve productivity, reduce energy costs and decrease maintenance costs. Opening speeds of up to 130” per second makes ThermaChill one of the fastest high speed cool storage doors on the market. Our new Climatex™ insulated panel material climate controls the environment, saves on energy costs and prevents moisture built up.


  • High Traffic in Extreme Temperatures: From freezer to loading dock, Albany’s ThermaFreeze cold storage insulate freezer doors save on energy and maintenance costs while maximizing workflow and ensuring a safer more productive environment. ThermaFreeze is one of the fastest high speed doors on the market opening at speed of up to 130” per second. Climatex™ insulated door panel material prevents door panel moisture build up in environments with temperature vairances below 32 degrees F to 45 degrees F. In extreme conditions Albany’s low voltage air flow system keeps the door panel and side frames ice free.
ThermaFreeze Insulated High Speed Door

RapidRoll® Clean

  • Control Particles and Pressure: RapidRoll Clean high speed cleanroom doors help minimize cleanroom risk withoutcompromising product quality or worker safety. You’ll gain greater control over particle concentration and air changes while maintaining stringent cleanroom requirements, including ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 100) and GMP Class C. RapidRoll Clean is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and electronics cleanroom applications.
Rapid Roll Clean Cleanroom
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