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Kelley HVLS Fans

High Volume Low Speed fans are designed to provide an energy-efficient solution for large spaces such as warehouses, hangers, barns and distribution centers. HVLS fans cool the occupant, rather than the space which makes them a cost-effective solution over air conditioning when trying increase employee comfort. HVLS fans are generally large ceiling fans that can be used for industrial and commercial spaces.

Benefits of Kelley HVLS Fans

  • Keeps employees cool and comfortable
  • Reduces energy consumption and heating costs in the winter
  • Protects product integrity
  • Improves general working conditions
  • Contributes to LEED certification credits in various categories

Kelley WAVE™ HVLS Fans

The Kelley HVLS is designed to be the most efficient and durable high volume low speed fan in the industry, efficiently moving air throughout industrial and commercial facilities. The Kelly WAVE™ Fan is built to circulate the greatest volume of air while consuming the least amount of energy. The advanced blade profile produces more lift while the new blade design results in less stress to your building. The WAVE™ HVLS Fan is ready to connect to fire suppression systems for added safety and function. Protect product integrity and keep employees cool with the latest Kelley HVLS Fan.

Features of the WAVE™ HVLS Fan:

  • 5-Blade design
  • Blade-lock safety system
  • Covers up to 30,000 sq ft with a 24’ fan
  • Drive system / variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Airfoil (blade) design
  • iFan™ Operating Controls

iFan™ Networked HVLS Fan Control

  • Can control fans individually, by zones or for the entire facility.
  • Four fan groups included in base package.
  • Allows an entire series of fans to be networked and controlled from centralized location.
  • Available with all sizes and voltages of Kelley Industrial HVLS Fans
HVLS Fan Wind Pattern

Turbo-ES™ Fans

For situations where a HVLS fan is impractical or cannot be installed the Turbo-ES™ Fan is the perfect solution. This industrial fan is thermally protected, preventing it from overheating while it provides a continuous stream of fresh air. This fan is perfect for loading docks and trailers.

Features of the Turbo-ES™ Fan:

  • Protective grill for safety
  • Durable steel construction
  • 3.0 Amp, 1/3 HP motor
  • Circulates up to 1275 CFM
HVLS Fan Warehouse

HVLS Control Panels

Features of the HVLS Control Panel:

  • Single Fan Operation
  • Multi-Fan Operation
  • BMS Integration
  • Temperature Option
  • Building Fire Connection
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