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Kelley Loading Dock Seals

  • Foam Dock Seals with Galvanized Steel Backing
  • Available in Fixed or Adjustable Foam Head Pad
  • Available Hood Style Head Pad

Options and Accessories

  • Wear Plates
  • Bottom Flaps
  • DSH with Foam Front
  • Head Curtain Pull Rope Assembly
  • Wear Faces
  • Flame-Retardant Foam and Fabric

Available Fabrics

  • TS-55® Super Fabric
  • 40 Oz. Hypalon®
  • 40 Oz. Vinyl
  • 25 Oz. Urethane
  • 22 Oz. Vyinl
  • 16 Oz. Hypalon
Kelley Dock Seal

Kelley ArmorGuard™ Dock Seal

Model: ADS-HC

Loading dock seals face a more challenging environment than ever before. Taller door openings servicing varying height trailers are obstacles to effective dock sealing. Abrasive movements from air ride suspension and intermodal trailers with sharp edges add up to a short life span for dock seal products. The ArmorGaurd™ model ADS-HC is specifically designed to combat these issues while providing greater environmental control.

EFC Head Curtain System

  • EFC (Encapsulated Foam Chambers) is an exclusive system of trapezoidal shaped foam, formed into 1-inch x 3 inch horizontal chambers.
  • EFC chambers envelop the top rear edge of the trailer including door lock bar cutouts.
  • Integrated pull rope system allows full adjustability to varying trailer heights.
  • SHARC 4” exposure wear panels on high wear zone corners of EFC head curtains.

Kelley ArmorGuard™ Wearmaster Dock Seal

Model: ADS-HP

The Kelley ArmorGaurd™ model ADS-HP is designed to combat the more challenging environment dock seals face today, providing superior environmental control. Air ride suspension and intermodal trailers create more abrasive moment on dock seals than traditional suspension trailers. Yard spotters create a prying motion on the seal head pad and trailers have sharp edges at the interface with the dock seal. All this adds up to a shorter life span for normal seal products.

Wearmaster® Head Pad System

  • The ideal solution for air-ride suspension and intermodal trailers, which can move up and down as much as 8” during loading/unloading.
  • When a stationary head pad is utilized, after time, movement of the trailer causes damage and can lead to detachment resulting in an unprotected wall surface and loss of seal.
  • Two-piece floating head pad system automatically adjusts to vertical trailer movement eliminating a single point of stress or wear on fabric.
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