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Kelley Hulk Lift Products Help increase productivity and employee safety with innovative cost effective solutions to the unique challenges associated with moving products in the plant and on the dock.

Kelley Hulk Hydraulic Dock Lift

  • Available in 4,000-40,000 lb. (1,814-18,144 kg) capacities
  • Removeable mandrel-formed tubing handrails
  • Beveled toe guards
  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders for optimum performance
  • Upper travel limit switch
  • Maintenance safety device
  • Dual safety chains across operating end
  • 18" standard solid or split bridge plate
  • Velocity fuses on lift cylinders prevent uncontrolled decent
  • Manual lowering value lowers the lift in the event of power loss
Kelley Dock Lift

Kelley Kombo Dock

  • Full range telescoping toe guards
  • Protective front weatherguard
  • Dual Integral leveler maintenance struts
  • Velocity fuses on leveler and lift prevent uncontrolled decent
    • Independent hydraulic systems for leveler and lift
  • Up to 20,000 lb (9,072 kg) scissors lift
  • Quick-connect style electrical cables make installation simple, fast and less expensive

Kelley Hulk Rail Lift

  • 18" (457 cm) long hinge bridge
  • Low-profile ramp
  • Checker plate or smooth deck surface
  • 42" (1,067 cm) high fixed handrail
  • Direct-thrust cylinder provides constant speed through full range travel
  • Velocity fuse on lift cylinder prevents uncontrolled descent
  • NEMA 4X handheld push button
  • Sealed guide bearing rollers

Kelley Truck Levelers

  • Surface or pit mount
  • Compatible with any size truck or trailer
  • Beveled toe guards
  • Heavy "I" beam structural support
  • Synchronized cylinders with velocity fuses
  • 60,000 lb capacity

Kelley Hulk In-Plant Lifts

Manual Turntables

Kelley HULK Turntables are easy to install and allow employees to rotate their work to them rather than walking around it to reduce reaching, bending and twisting to easily enhancing both ergonomic and labor-saving benefits.

Scissor Lift Tables

Kelley HULK Scissor Lift Tables provide versatile, ergonomic and safe lifting solutions for virtually any material handing application. By bringing the work to the employee, lift tables not only increase a facility's productivity, they reduce employee fatigue and dramatically decrease the risk of serious back injuries.


Small parts and components are typically stored in bings and baskets that can be difficult to access. Kelley HULK Tilters position parts and hard to reach objects within easy access of employees to minimize stretching and bending, reducing the risk of back injuries.

Double Scissor

Kelley HULK Double Scissor Lifts provide operators with a high height adjustable work platform without utilizing valuable floor space. The Double Scissor Lift has the same size platform as the standard lift and generally used for palletizing and de-palletizing loads, feeding and receive products and ergonomic positioning for maximum employee comfort.


Kelley Lift Turn Table
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