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Trailer Restraints for Loading Docks

Star Non-Impact Restraints

  • Non-impact operation
  • Superior communication system with exclusive hook-mounted sensor
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Available in manual and automated operation

APS2000 Rotating Hook

  • Rotating hook trailer restraints proven to help reduce dock accidents
  • Rust resistant carriage stores up off the drive for extensive all-weather
  • Advanced LED communication system improves safety
  • Patented IP65-rated gear motor never needs adjustment

Hidden Hook

  • Pit mounted recessed design
  • Non-impact, hydraulic activation
  • Automatic interior/exterior LED communication lights

Automatic Wheel Chocks

  • For trucks with lift gates, damaged rear impact bars or with step
  • Helps prevent landing gear collapse caused by trailer movement
  • Operational in all weather conditions
  • Engages the trailer wheels
Automatic Wheel Chocks

Manual Surface Chock

  • For trucks with lift gates, damaged rear impact guards or different axle bar, standard LED exterior and interior lights and audible alarms use bumpers configurations

Kelley VERSACHOCK™ Wheel Chock

Kelley VERSACHOCK is a versatile vehicle restraint system that accommodates a wide variety of trailers and vehicles regardless of the condition or presence of an ICC bar. VERSACHOCK includes a patent pending, wireless engagement design that provides wheel detection at all engagement ranges, and requires no chock cabling or permanent structure installed on the drive to secure the vehicle. Fulfills the requirements of OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.26(d).

  • Wireless Engagement Detection
  • Anodized Aluminum Chock
  • Pivoting Chock Sensor Arm
  • Heavy duty Wheel Trigger
  • Heavy Duty Storage Cradle
  • Stainless Steel Sawtooth Anchor
  • Industrial Sensor Unit
  • Wheel Engagement Light

Impact-A-Track LED

The Impact-A-Track LED is designed to protect door tracks in high traffic areas of warehouse against forklifts, pallet jacks and other equipment. It can be relied on to communicate restraint status and deflect impacts while utilizing only a small footprint of your active work area. This product comes packaged in a set of two.

    • LEDs are protected from damage keeping your restraint status visible
    • Wrap-around design allows for easdoor operation
    • Anchors to wall to avoid drilling into floor
    • Compatible with photo eyes
    • Impact, rust and moisture resistant
    • 120V incoming power
    • Easwire connections
    • Three phase communication with vehicle restraint
      • Red LED: restraint not engaged
      • Green LED: restraint engaged
      • Amber LED: override
    • This product carries a one (1) year limited warranty with APS Resource

S.W.A.T.™ Secondary Warning Alert Technology

The S.W.A.T. device is used in conjunction with a vehicle restraint to notify workers that caution should be used at the loading dock. This safety module flashes the positioned dock light when the restraint enters an alarm or warning state.

  • Compatible with most restraints that have an alarm or warning state
  • Compact design mounts in most locations, limits possibility of damage
  • LED status light to indicate receptacle output status
  • Flash rate 60 fpm
  • Dry location use only
  • Compatible with many dock lights (consult owners manual)
  • This product carries a (1) year limited warranty with APS Resource
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