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The Albany RR400 High Speed Roll Up Door, Another Great Door Option

There are many great options for loading dock or warehouse doors, but the right door is the one that best meets your company’s specific needs. Beuschel Sales sells and installs a number of high-speed roll-up doors. We would like to introduce a new option – the Albany RR400 high speed roll up door. 

Michigan Food Integrity Relies upon High Speed Doors

In the areas of Michigan that we serve there are many farms and food processors. West Michigan has an amazing foodshed, the second most diverse in the nation. There is a huge variety of fruits and vegetables grown here. They need to be stored until they can be either eaten or shipped to food processors. If their storage conditions are poor, they will rot before they reach their final destination.

A storage or processing facility must have a specific environment in order to handle food products. For example, apples kept in cold storage for 6 months or more need an environment in which both the temperature and the humidity are highly controlled. A regular loading dock or warehouse door cannot maintain a consistent temperature because it is too slow when opening and closing and the seals are not tight enough. In Michigan our weather changes by the hour, and food can spoil when it’s exposed to too much heat, cold, or damp. A high speed door is necessary for safe operation. 

The Albany RR400 High Speed Roll Up Door

High speed roll up doors are ideal for any environment where changes in temperature and humidity are a problem. The Albany RR400 is a very fast door and has several benefits in addition to its speed. This is a composite door made of 27-ounce reinforced PVC with a flexible weighted soft bottom edge design which makes cleaning it easy and fast. A composite door is smooth and wear resistant. It doesn’t have paint or crevices that a welded metal door will have, so it can be washed down easily, and it will not corrode over time. 

Many high speed doors are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a fine material for many applications, but it’s a softer metal, and it will rust with enough use. The RR400 will last longer because it’s a composite door. It can be washed over and over again with caustic cleaners and will continue to function without issues. 

This is a tough door. It can take the bumps and impacts common to loading docks and keep operating. If the curtain becomes dislodged due to impact, it’s designed to reset itself on the  next cycle. If its wind stiffeners are damaged, they can easily be repaired on site. Albany’s ACS100 controller with LCD screen will help to diagnose any issues the door has, and its industrial quality VFD ensures that the door will stop and start softly to avoid more wear and tear. 

Finally, the RR400 is a safe door. It has a soft bottom edge that reduces any damage caused by impact. It features a wireless reversing edge that detects obstructions and will reverse itself in order to limit damage or injury from a potential accident. It has photo eyes that will detect a blocked opening and will keep the door elevated until the blockage is removed. The door also has an orange flashing light that activates during the opening and closing of the door as a visual warning. 

If these capabilities sound attractive to you and you would like more information on the Albany RR400 and how it would work in your facility, please contact us at Beuschel Sales. We would be happy to talk with you about your company’s requirements and recommend the perfect loading dock or warehouse door for you. 

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