Beuschel Sales Adds New Products

Kelley Dock SealBeuschel Sales is pleased to announce a number of new products we have available now that will allow our customers to alter their loading dock and warehouse for greater safety and efficiency. Let’s list them and go through their safety and performance features.

S.W.A.T. – Secondary Warning Alert Technology (S.W.A.T.) works with APS-approved dock lights in order to alert dock workers if the vehicle restraint fails. It flashes the dock light when the restraint changes status, alerting workers to check the restraint to make sure it’s in proper form for safe loading. This strengthens dock safety because it adds an additional layer to the safety system and because it continuously updates dock workers as to the status of the dock restraint – so no surprises and subsequent accidents will occur.

Vehicle restraints are a must for every dock, but adding S.W.A.T. allows your workers to easily monitor the status of that restraint. It’s a “Heads up” for safety on any dock, and it’s compatible with most Kelley, Serco, and APS Resource restraints. It mounts in most locations, so it can be wherever your workers need it to be.

Kelley dock seals and shelters – The Kelley ArmorGuard Dock Seal and the Kelley Blockade Dock Shelter were designed to fully protect your loading dock, your warehouse, and your arriving product.

Kelley ArmorGuard Dock Seal – Dock seals have two jobs: sealing the space between the truck trailer and the loading dock door, no matter the size of the trailer or the door, and standing up to wear and tear from use, including run ins with trailers and their sharp corners. Our new Kelley Dock products are designed to excel at both. Featuring Kelley’s exclusive SHARC (Super High Abrasion Resistant Compound) fabric, the ArmorGuard Dock Seal looks better, covers more effectively, and lasts longer. Heat-sealed yellow stripes add an additional layer of safety as well. Also featured are Kelley’s EFC (Encapsulated Foam Chambers) Head Curtain System which envelope the top rear edge of the trailer, including door lock bar cutouts.

Kelley Blockade Dock Shelter features the exclusive AQS-900 AquaShield® Integral Rain Header system which prevents water and moisture from entering from the top of the trailer. The shelter’s structural, rigid head acts as a canopy and its Hinge Guard seals off the hinge gap around swing-out doors, helping to protect your facility from air and light. The Kelley Blockade Dock Shelter also integrates Kelley’s SHARC fabric for better wear and tear protection over time.

If any of the above protect or other products on our site could be of use to your warehouse system, please do not hesitate to give Beuschel Sales a call. We would love to discuss with you how you can upgrade and improve the storage and transportation of goods within your facility.

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