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The Digital Master Control Panel Solves Your Loading Dock Problems

digital master control panel

Beuschel Sales would like to introduce a newly updated safety product: Kelley’s Digital Master Control Panel. This product is able to control all mechanized aspects of the loading dock: the leveler, door, and restraint. While Kelley has offered a master control panel before, this product has been reinvented completely – from the inside out. 

The New Digital Master Control Panel

This improved panel product is an enormous upgrade from Kelley’s previous one. It’s brighter, more powerful, and easier to use. Its hardware is connected to a cloud-based platform, offering companies more control over their loading dock and, as a result, a greater safety standard. 

The Digital Master Control Panel utilizes a fully digital interface. While previous control panel products used buttons, this one has a touch screen that guides the user through a sequence of actions, using pictures instead of words. This eliminates any potential language barriers. The panel can be used by a wider variety of people, not just workers who speak or read English or Spanish. It uses an O to indicate that the dock is safe and an X to indicate that it is unsafe, replacing the previous red/green color light system that was challenging for color blind workers to use. 

The digital display of the panel is backlit and highly visible even in dimly lit spaces, and the bright LED trailer presence light uses shapes and flashes to show that a trailer is present, the restraint is in place, and any other important data that the operator must know. 

This digital interface is extremely flexible. It can be customized and used with any combination of dock equipment and can be installed as a new product or retrofitted to replace an older control panel. It is also extremely durable, built to last through hundreds of thousands of cycles of use. It can be used in all kinds of weather – even when the operator is wearing heavy gloves.

If dock security is a worry, the Digital Master Control Panel solves that as well. Its secure access features allow only authenticated and approved users in designated areas. It also provides a regular complete performance assessment of what is happening at your loading dock, diagnosing problems and providing recommendations of what can be done to solve them. 

Installing and using the right safety equipment should be a #1 goal for anyone with a loading dock at their building, warehouse, or facility. The Digital Master Control Panel is an excellent addition to any equipment already installed because it can be used to operate that equipment as well as any other safety features you may be considering installing in the future. It will take the uncertainty out of which order various safety features need to be put into use and when each of them can be closed, unlocked, or put away. 

If you want to take the hassle or the uncertainty out of operating your company’s loading dock for the safety and well being of your workers, call us today to discuss why the Digital Master Control Panel might be a good answer to safety problems or concerns at your facility. 

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