Frequently Asked Questions about High-Speed Doors

Ultraslim High Speed Roll Up DoorMany people think all dock doors are the same, but they definitely are not. There are different kinds of dock doors designed for a variety of applications. High-speed dock doors have many advantages over the more typical dock door. Below are some frequently-asked questions Beuschel Sales hears about high-speed doors, along with our answers. If you are having trouble with your dock doors, please follow recommended safety procedures before examining or attempting to repair them or call us at Beuschel Sales. We will be happy to help either repair or replace your dock doors.


Why won’t my high-speed door close when I go through it?

This could be due to one of the safety features not working properly.  You should call a trained technician to troubleshoot it.


Why does my high speed door close part way and then go back up?

This could also be a safety function issue or the curtain may be out of alignment and needs to be adjusted.


How do I know which high speed door is best for me?  

Everything depends on the application. Where will it be used? Is this an interior or an exterior door? Is the environment climate controlled? We would be better able to advise you on what kind of door would best suit your needs, increase efficiency, and reduce energy costs if we knew the answers to these questions.


We have an exterior overhead door and lose a lot of heat when it takes so long to open and close. What other options are there?  

This is the perfect application for a high-speed door. They can open at up to 100 feet a second, significantly decreasing the amount of time that heat can escape outside. We would be happy to run a return-on-investment estimate to show you have fast the energy savings will add up for your company.


We have a freezer or cooler in one room of our building.  How can we save energy when constantly go through it?  

We have an insulated high-speed door that is designed for cooler and freezer application.  Some utilities companies also offer rebates for the installation of a high-speed door which further reduces the purchase cost.


We have a high-traffic dock door that is continuously getting hit. What are our options?   

A high-speed door is your best option to avoid further damage. The speed of the door makes the door more difficult to hit, and when it is impacted, the door usually can be reset.


What are my options to help close the gaps between the dock leveler and overhead door?   

There are bottom panels seals available for sale, but with the gaps, Beuschel prefers to use brush seals.


An accident occurred, and we impacted our high speed door. What do we do now?  

First, make sure the curtain is on the track side of the door opening.  If possible, run the door to the up position and then turn it off to prevent further damage. Then call us. A trained technician can determine if there are any issues and fix them.


Are you dissatisfied with the dock doors you have now? Do you continually have to repair them? Would you like to hear about how changing out your dock doors can help your company’s bottom line? Contact Beuschel Sales today. We serve West, Central, and Northern Michigan. Click here to see if your business is in our service area.

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