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Protect Your Loading Dock with Planned Maintenance

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The loading dock is the beating heart of many operations. Products come in and are shipped out. When the system works efficiently, everything goes as planned, and everyone is happy. Workers are employed. Customers get their products. All is well. When there’s a problem on the loading dock, however, it can impact the entire business. In order to ensure that your dock is not subject to unexpected accidents, delays, or shutdowns, Beuschel Sales recommends planned maintenance. 

What Is Planned Maintenance?

This is a pretty simple idea, but it’s more important than many might think. Scheduling maintenance of your loading dock and dock equipment by the calendar rather than the problem is what we call planned maintenance. Essentially, it involves solving problems before they can become real problems. 

Beuschel Sales is an APS distributor, and we offer planned maintenance programs for 

Our trained and experienced technicians will do a complete examination of your loading dock and recommend maintenance of your dock equipment as needed. Our repairs and/or upgrades will keep your equipment in proper working order and protect your investment. It will also help keep your workers safe. Unfortunately, malfunctioning equipment doesn’t just cause slowdowns or shutdowns, it can also result in accidents. 

When you keep your equipment updated and in good condition, you will see improved safety, fewer accidents, increased productivity, and greater energy efficiency and lowered heating and cooling costs. We will inspect your equipment, clean it, lubricate it, and make any necessary adjustments so that it operates better. If you need replacement parts at the time of the maintenance or in the future, we will let you know so you can be aware of the operating condition of your equipment. 

Beuschel Sales brings replacement parts with us during our planned maintenance visits so that any necessary repairs or upgrades can be done on site immediately if possible. We can service all dock leveler brands and trailer restraints. The APS replacement parts we use are of equal or better quality than OEM parts. We guarantee it. 

If you want to make sure that your facility’s dock stays both in tip-top shape and continuously operational, consider scheduling planned maintenance into your calendar. We would be happy to visit either annually or semi-annually depending on your company’s needs. You will save money by avoiding potential damage to other equipment or your buildings and property by keeping your equipment in good repair.  

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