Sealing Your Loading Dock against Pests

afterWe are moving into the best part of the year in Michigan when the days are warm, grass and trees are lovely and green, and driving on the roads is easy – except for any construction, of course. However, better weather means more pests – particularly more insects, but also more small pests like chipmunks, birds, and rats. Ignoring pest problems can produce serious safety and sanitation problems that result in inspection failures, fines, and even the shutdown of medical and food processing facilities.

Keeping your facilities free of those pests is of paramount importance, but many companies still struggle with managing it. Here are some ideas of products you can use or install in order to keep everything pest-free.

  • Screens – Are your windows and doors properly screened? This is a relatively simple way to make sure insects stay outside. Check the screens you already have installed for tears or breaks and repair as necessary.
  • Dock seals – The area between the truck trailer and the loading dock door must be sealed in order to keep out the elements and pests. Beuschel Sales sells a number of quality products that accomplish this.
  • Dock shelters – Dock shelters protect your facilities from leaves, moisture, or anything that could enter a building from the space at the top of the truck trailer. Many facilities ignore this gap and lose significant money to energy loss or insect or rodent infestations.
  • Dock levelers – A proper dock leveler sealing system will seal the perimeter around the sides and rear of a dock leveler and close off gaps between the dock leveler and the pit walls. Our energy guard dock sealing and rodent prevention system provides a superior kind of seal that keeps out weather, debris, and pests.

None of the above will do the entire job on its own. Instead each product acts in sync with the others to close holes or gaps above, below, and to the sides of loading dock door openings. Any opening in your building will be susceptible to pest invasions. That means windows, doors, loading docks, and cracks or holes in masonry or roofing. Some of this can be corrected with the proper building maintenance, but other problems require specialized solutions. Don’t forget to check how well your loading dock doors are performing as well. If your doors are malfunctioning, none of the above solutions will work either.

Beuschel Sales is completely familiar with the loading dock environment and where pest attacks can originate. If you are experiencing pest problems and need advice on what to do to stop them in their tracks, call us today.


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