The Advantages of Using Turbo-ES Fans

Turbo-ES FansSpring is finally here in Michigan! The sun is out. The birds are chirping, and the last remnants of snow are melting away. This means many good things for all Michiganders who like being outside. For employees who work the loading dock, however, it means shifting from a strategy of battling cold and ice to one of battling heat and sun. Fortunately, there is a product available to help keep loading dock temperatures manageable. Turbo-ES fans from APS Resource are designed to make working conditions better and safer by efficiently cooling down and airing out trailer space.

Loading and unloading product from trailers is physically demanding enough, but performing these tasks in a hot, stuffy environment is even tougher on workers. Whether it’s a cargo container or a truck trailer, the heat has nowhere to go and can build up over time and reach near oven temperatures. The Turbo-ES fan is designed to remove hot, stagnant air from the trailer, and replace it with cool, fresh air.

How do Turbo-ES Fans Work?

In contrast to traditional blade fans that produce a broader stream of air, Turbo-ES fans produce a continuous and jet-like stream of air that is strong enough to penetrate the entire length of a 53-foot trailer. These fans attach to the dock by a dual articulating swing arm and are positioned to blow the air along the side of the trailer.

Each fan is sturdy, made in the USA of heavy duty steel construction with a protective grill for added safety. It has a 1275 maximum CFM output and an easy-grip handle that allows workers to adjust the direction of the airflow easily. The motor is an energy efficient 1/3 HP, 120V, 3.0 Amp motor. The fan comes with an extra long 10-foot power cord with a 3-prong 120V plug. Turbo-ES fans are not overly large, however. They designed to be a space saving improvement on traditional fans.

For even more improved safety and productivity, pair Turbo-ES fans with High Impact LED Dock Lights. These LED lights are 18W and provide 60,000 hours of lamp light. They are bright enough to meet requirements for food and pharmaceutical facilities.

A comfortable work environment allows the loading dock to be a more productive place with fewer stops for resting or water breaks and a lower likelihood of workers becoming faint or suffering from heat stroke. If your loading dock has old-fashioned fans that do not do an adequate job of keeping temperatures low in the warm summer months, call us at Beuschel Sales today to discuss replacing them with Turbo-ES fans. Now is the time – before summer gets started and the temperature really begins to climb.










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