Visual Barriers – a Low-tech Safety Tool

Loading docks, manufacturing facilities, and physical plants operate using a number of safety products designed to work in tandem to prevent accidents. Some of these products are mechanical, some are electrical, and some are higher tech. All are designed to keep people aware of potential dangers. In this blog we will discuss several types of visual barriers Beuschel Sales offers. These low-tech safety tools are both affordable and effective in the workplace. 

Types of Safety Barriers

One way to prevent falls or accidents is to keep people out of potentially dangerous areas. In a previous blog we discussed the Dock Impact Barrier-LC. This type of barrier not only raises awareness of higher potential for an accident to occur, it’s designed to physically stop a forklift if it attempts to enter a prohibited area.

Not all barriers are designed to withstand a 10,000-pound gross load traveling at 4 MPH, though. Some are designed to catch the attention of a forklift driver or another worker and remind them to stay away. For this reason they are manufactured in eye catching safety yellow

Here are three visual barrier products we offer:

The Belted Visual Barrier 

visual barriers

This barrier is 14 feet long and features a yellow and black 3-inch strip for high visibility. It draws attention to the dock opening whether it’s open or closed. No maintenance is required to use this product. There is also the option of adding a Trak Sentry for 48-inch-high door-track protection. 

The Steel Visual Barrier

This product is 48 inches high and 12 feet wide and made of steel that is painted yellow and black. It has a lightweight design and versatile size and can be easily relocated to wherever it’s needed within the facility. An optional strobe light can be added for additional protection, and a double-wide, 22-inch wheeled-cart design is available as well. 

The Canvas Visual Barrier 

This barrier is 4 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It has large warning signs printed on the individual panels for enhanced visibility. Its lightweight fabric and plastic design easily move and fold into a compact space wherever it’s needed. 

All of the above visual barriers are low-tech, affordable safety solutions. APS Resource warrants them to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for (1) year.

With the right safety training and equipment, many workplace accidents are completely preventable. Companies that train their employees to be aware and develop safety habits as well as invest in better safety equipment are being prudent. If you have a safety issue that you would like to resolve, call us at Beuschel Sales. We would be happy to discuss your problem and offer some solutions. 

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