Conserve Heat in Your Facility This Winter

When the cold comes to Michigan in the fall, we all try to beat it in big and small ways. We turn the thermostat up and put on extra layers of clothing. When you own a large building, manufacturing plant, shipping facility, or warehouse, however, it’s a bit more challenging. There are a number of products that will help conserve heat in your facility or stop cold from entering. Here we will list 5 products that we sell and install.

conserve heat

Stop Cold in its Tracks

Dock enclosures protect workers, product, and buildings from the elements and prevent heat, cold, damp, and pests from entering. They help to maintain a more comfortable work environment. 

Dock Seals

This product provides an air-tight seal for your dock door, protecting your building, your trucks, and your shipments from damage. It helps keep heat or air conditioning in and rain, snow, insects, or rodents out. If your business ships or receives products that are sensitive to temperature shifts or moisture, dock seals should be part of your dock design. 

Dock Shelters

A dock shelter extends the protection of the building outward and acts like a tent. It allows for full access to the back of the trailer. Dock shelters are ideal for trailers with a step or lift gates.

Energy Guard

Energy Guard is a system that seals the dock leveler and prevents rodents or other pests from entering the building that way. Its superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of the dock leveler blocks dirt and debris as well as insects and rodents. Energy Guard also prevents energy loss by closing the gaps between the leveler and concrete pit walls. These are often missed by traditional weather seals or under-leveler seals attached to the front of the dock leveler. 

Conserve Heat in Your Facility


HVLS fans can be used to optimize both air conditioning and heating systems. They pair very well with HVAC systems, working to mix up cooler and warmer air and redistribute it throughout the entire space. They can destratify warm air that has accumulated by the ceiling if they are run in reverse.This allows the heated (or cooled) air to be used again without more energy being used by the furnace or AC. 

High-speed Doors

High-speed roll-up doors open and close quickly – up to 130 inches a second, significantly decreasing the amount of time that heat can escape outside. They help minimize cooling costs for the same reason. When you must maintain the temperature of your building at all times, high-speed roll-up doors are a fantastic asset for your building. 

These five products, used alone or in combination, can make a real difference at your loading dock and inside your building this winter. If you need to conserve heat in your facility, please call us at Beuschel Sales. We would love to talk with you about which of these products, or others, your business would most benefit from.

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