The Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light Does Twice the Work

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light

In recent blogs we have been highlighting a variety of lighting solutions that work to illuminate dark or shadowy places and increase safety in the workplace. If your loading dock needs both air flow improvement and better lighting, Beuschel Sales offers a product that meets these needs: the Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light from APS Resource

The Need for a Fan at the Loading Dock

In an enclosed or sealed space, it’s a simpler task to maintain temperature and air circulation. Every time the doors rise and lower, the loading dock is open to the elements – heat, cold, dust, water – as well as gas exhaust and odors from truck trailers. Loading dock fans work to cool and ventilate loading docks as well as other shipping areas or warehouse spaces. They are a must have for any employer who wants to improve conditions and air quality for their dock workers. 

The Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light 

The Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light does twice the work as a fan or light alone. Why buy two when you can have both in one? This is a durable dock product that performs and saves space because only one installation is necessary. It enhances both visibility at the loading dock and into the truck trailer and improves the quality of the air workers breathe. The fan’s tapered cone is designed to funnel air exactly where workers need it most. The light makes sure they don’t crash into anything when they are transporting boxes in or out of the trailer.

This light/fan product is energy efficient. Its power is wired directly to a control panel or separate wall switch to avoid the necessity of touching the fan or light directly. It attaches to the wall with an adjustable sliding steel bracket and has a hinged dual arm that makes it simple to position exactly where you most need light and air. The dock light has a lens that meets USDA and FDA requirements for facilities.

The fan/light has a spring-loaded pin and handle assembly that makes it easy to adjust to the height you need. Its gas-shock assisted height can be adjusted in one-inch increments up to 6 feet high. 

Beuschel Sales offers a range of lighting products, and we would be happy to discuss which one would be best for the needs of your dock or facility. If you’re looking for both a fan and a light, though, the Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light is a solid choice and a good value. Call us today to learn more. 

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