G-Flex Series Dock Lights – a Bright Spot on Your Loading Dock

In other blogs we have done this year we’ve highlighted dock lighting products that work in specific ways to make the loading dock brighter and safer. These products include High Impact LED Dock Lights and the Tactical LED Light. In this blog we will talk about two additional dock lights from APS Resource’s G-Flex series: the G-Flex Dock Light and the G-Flex LED Dock Light. 

G-Flex Series Dock Lights 

Different lights can be used for different purposes on the loading dock. Both G-Flex Series lights are made to be durable, bright, and long lasting. They produce maximum light output into the truck trailer for the minimum amount of energy used. 

The G-Flex LED Dock Light

The first G-Flex Series light is the LED Light. This light is designed to be flexible, tough, and compact so it can be used in a variety of ways. It has a heavy-duty 27-inch stainless steel arm and a steel elbow on a swivel base that allows for easy positioning. You can adjust it however you need to get light into the furthest reaches of the trailer. 

This light has a 14W permanent LED that produces a 803 Lumen output. Its polycarbonate light head does not heat up so there’s no danger to anyone who touches or bumps into it. There is a convenient ON/OFF switch as well, and it comes with a 8-inch standoff bracket. The G-Flex LED Dock Light is an excellent choice for loading docks that ship and receive food and pharmaceutical products.

This light comes with a 3-year warranty. 

The G-Flex Dock Light

The G-Flex Dock Light offers many of the same advantages as the G-Flex LED but is a more economical product. It uses either an APS Resource E-Saver bulb (E-Saver 30 or E-Saver 38), LED lamp, or regular incandescent bulb to shed its light. Like the G-Flex LED, it also features a heavy-duty, flexible 27-inch stainless steel arm and steel elbow with swivel base. These operate in tandem to get light exactly where you need it to be. It has a convenient ON/OFF switch for simpler use. 

An optional 8-inch standoff bracket is available for this product, and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty. 

The G-Flex Series Dock Lights are both simple to install anywhere they are necessary. They are good products for any loading dock workers who struggle with illuminating farther corners of the trailer. With increased light comes increased safety. To order either of these products or any other APS Resource lighting, call Beuschel Sales today.  

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