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The High Impact LED™ Dock Light: Illuminate Your Loading Dock

High Impact LED

The loading dock is crucial to the operation of any business or organization that relies on shipping to operate. Enabling workers to be able to load and unload products safely should be an important goal for any company. Part of this involves implementing proper procedures and providing training. The other part is having the right safety equipment in place. One piece of that is lighting. Installing and using High Impact LED™ Dock Lights are one way to increase safety and productivity without breaking your company’s budget. 

Ample Lighting on the Loading Dock

When we’ve discussed loading dock accidents before, we’ve talked about how dangerous the combination of heavy equipment and force can be. When workers are operating trailers or forklifts and moving pallets of product around, a small mistake or inattention to detail can lead to a bad accident. Typical reasons for accidents include: carelessness, lack of training, lack of attention, poor visibility, and equipment failure. 

There are many different types of safety products available to help prevent accidents. You can make the loading dock safer by sealing it from the elements, covering the space between the trailer and the dock, putting up visual barriers that remind workers to pay attention, stopping trailers from shifting or moving, and adding lights to increase visibility.

The High Impact LED™ Dock Light

The High Impact LED™ Dock Light creates very bright light using energy efficient, 18-watt LED lights. This is a very tough light and will stand up to use. It’s heavy-duty cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens are designed to withstand being knocked into or knocked over. It can be retrofitted to existing dock arms or you can mount it remotely. It’s easy to move too, so workers can adjust light at the loading dock to illuminate what they need illuminated when they need it to be better visible. 

This dock light can be used in wet locations and meets the current requirements for food and pharmaceutical facilities. It has a recessed ON/OFF switch and comes with a standard 17-foot electrical cord and an IEC60320-C14 plug. Adding a 6-foot adapter cord with a NEMA 5-15 plug is optional. The High Impact LED™ Dock Light also comes with a 3-year warranty. 

The High Impact LED™ Dock Light can be paired with other lights like the Tactical LED Light to provide any additional light needed either permanently or on a temporary basis. In Michigan it gets dark in the winter, and during that time it can be hard to see on the loading dock. Don’t think that because your staff is capable and bright, accidents can’t happen. All it takes bad weather, low light, and a tired or distracted worker. Don’t let it. Invest in the proper safety equipment now so that workers and merchandise or supplies are protected from harm or damage.

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