Kelley Industrial HVLS Fans Keep Your Facility Cool

industrial HVLS fans

Michiganders look forward to the warmer months of spring and summer all year long. There’s so much to enjoy about summer weather in our great state, but high cooling costs and uncomfortable employees do not make that list. If you have trouble keeping your facility cold in summer, you should consider adding an industrial HVLS fan. HVLS fans are excellent at circulating air in large spaces, and they’re very energy efficient too. 

Traditional HVAC systems work well in smaller spaces, but warehouses and manufacturing plants have considerable space to heat or cool. For these types of buildings using only HVAC systems to heat or cool can mean spending too much money or being uncomfortable or both. This is why HVLS fans were invented – to circulate the heated or cooled air in large industrial or commercial facilities

Industrial HVLS Fans Keep You Cool

We all know how good a breeze feels even on a warm day. HVLS fans work the same way. They move the air 2-3 miles per hour, and make employees feel more comfortable, as if it were 4-7 degrees cooler. Operating in tandem with a traditional HVAC system, the thermostat can be raised for an estimated energy savings of 3% per degree. Comfortable conditions decrease the number of worker errors as well. 

Kelley industrial HVLS fans have diameters of up to 24 feet and are engineered to keep the air in constant motion, improving air quality in spaces of up to 30,000 square feet. The 24-foot HVLS fan has a 480/3 phase motor and is operated with a user friendly touch-screen controller. This fan is quieter and less noticeable than high-speed floor fans. 

HVLS fans are not just for cooling, though. They’re also able to keep spaces warm in winter. They have an adjustable circulation functionality and can operate in reverse when it’s cold out, pulling the heated air from the ceiling down and recycling it for additional use. This has an additional benefit of controlling dampness in warehouses, protecting product from spoilage. 

Currently Beuschel Sales is running a sale on HVLS fans for summer. Adding a fan to a facility may not seem like a huge change, but it will allow you to control the temperature of that building while reducing energy costs. If this seems like a win-win situation, we agree. Call us for pricing. 

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