The Versachock Trailer Restraint System – Simple and Affordable

Versachock trailer restraint

Loading dock safety equipment does not have to be expensive to work well. One very simple but effective piece of loading dock equipment is the VersaChock trailer restraint system. There are several benefits to using the Versachock to improve safety at your facility. We’ll go over them in this blog. 

The Versachock Trailer Restraint System 

One large benefit of the Versachock trailer restraint system is its economical price point compared to a standard trailer restraint. If you want to improve safety at your facility but you have a limited budget, this is a good solution. Its affordability does not mean it’s less effective, however. A simple tool is sometimes all you need to do the job.

If you are looking for a vehicle restraint that will accommodate a large spectrum of different types of trailers and vehicles, the Versachock will satisfy that need. This restraint does not require an ICC bar to operate and will work with liftgate trailers and all trucks. The Versachock does not need chock cabling or any installed structure on the drive in order to work. It’s completely portable. There’s nothing to get tangled or damaged or for workers to trip over or try to avoid. It’s a breeze to put into place and then remove when it’s no longer necessary. 

The Versachock has a pivoting chock sensor arm with a built-in sensor reflector. It provides visual red/green, all-weather light communication to the driver and the loading dock, effectively communicating its operation status with both drivers and loading dock workers. Its wireless engagement design will detect the wheel at all engagement ranges. This makes for a safer and more productive dock operation. The Versachock also fulfills the requirements of OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.26(d)

This trailer restraint is manufactured of anodized aluminum and resists corrosion. It has a heavy duty wheel trigger made of pivoting 3⁄4 inch steel and a heavy duty storage cradle made of  1⁄4 inch galvanized steel. This is a tough piece of equipment that will last over time. 

Tough construction, high visibility, ease of use, and affordability are all major selling points for the Versachock trailer restraint system. If you’re interested in a demonstration of how this product works or would like to talk about trailer restraints in general, please contact us. We would be happy to visit your company and discuss with you what your best options are for keeping your workers and your loading dock as safe as possible. 

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