Tactical LED Light Improves Safety and Awareness

Tactical LED Light

APS Resource has introduced a new LED light product that is designed to illuminate the loading dock and tractor trailer space, improving safety on the loading dock. The Tactical LED Light works to increase workers’ visual awareness of the dock and also interacts with a trailer restraint to alert them if there is an issue with the trailer they are loading or unloading. 

A poorly lit loading dock is a much riskier environment for workers. When it’s hard to see, many potentially dangerous mistakes can be made during the back and forth of loading and unloading the trailer. Another common issue is miscommunication at the dock. If workers don’t know or cannot tell what the driver is doing or if the trailer is safe to load, accidents are more likely to happen. The Tactical LED Light was designed to solve those problems. Beuschel Sales is pleased to make it available to our customers. 

The Tactical LED Light 

LED lights are a significant improvement over older forms of lighting. They provide strong illumination and high performance while still saving money due to their energy efficiency. Replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting can reduce both maintenance and replacement costs over time. The Tactical LED Light is an excellent example of the above advantages, and we believe it will meet or exceed your expectations of what a light can do.

The Tactical LED Light has a single LED that produces 2,000 lumens and has a 50,000-hour lifespan. It is dimmable and has an automatic ON/OFF feature. Its low-profile aluminum design does not take up valuable loading dock space and will not be a sight distraction for workers or a physical obstacle. This light has a heavy-duty flexible arm and a swivel base. These features make it simple to position and adjust as necessary to shine the light wherever it is needed.

S.W.A.T. Technology Built In 

There is S.W.A.T. functionality built into the Tactical LED Light as well. This S.W.A.T. module alerts workers when there is a change in dock status by changing the color of the light on the control panel. This adds another layer of safety to dock operations and is a unique improvement in dock lighting. 

This product is small, but powerful. It’s able to shine light into dim areas of the dock or the tractor trailer, improving both working conditions and efficiency in unloading the trailer. Loading dock workers can easily use or adjust it, and it performs outstandingly in the moment and over time. It also carries a 5-year limited warranty from APS Resource. If you are interested in adding the Tactical LED Light to your loading dock, give Beuschel Sales a call today. 

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