Impact-A-Track Products Protect Your Doors


Beuschel Sales is pleased to introduce two new products that are designed to protect door tracks in high-traffic areas and improve visibility of dock restraint status. If your warehouse or plant could use additional protection from potential fork truck damage, our Impact-A-Track products are what you need. 

2 Impact-A-Track Products with the Same Safety and Visibility Goals

There are two versions of the Impact-A-Track safety products: Impact-A-Track LED and Impact-A-Track Reflect. Both of them work in similar ways, but the Impact-A-Track LED utilizes electricity and LED lights to add a layer of safety while the Impact-A-Track Reflect uses reflective tape. The visibility of both products is designed to alert drivers of forklifts, pallet jacks, and other machinery to the presence of the door, avoiding dangerous and expensive accidents. They also function to deflect impacts if they do occur. 

Both Impact-A-Track LED and Reflect products have small footprints so they take up little room in your warehouse or building. They come in packages of two and anchor to the wall instead of the floor. It’s not necessary to drill into the floor in order to install them. Their wrap-around design will not interfere with the door’s opening or closing; the door will still operate freely after Impact-A-Track installation. 

Impact-A-Track LED

The lights on the Impact-A-Track LED give a much needed heads up to drivers to remind them where the loading dock door is. They also communicate the status of the trailer restraint to employees. Impact-A-Track LED has a three-phase communication progression: Red lights show that the restraint is not engaged. Green lights show that it is engaged, and amber means override. The product operates on 120V incoming power with easy wire connections and is compatible with photo eyes. It’s made of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), rendering it resistant to impact, rust, and moisture. 

This product is 36 inches long, weighs 24 pounds, and is available for 2” and 3” track sizes. It comes with a one-year limited APS Resource warranty

Impact-A-Track Reflect 

This product is much the same as the Impact-A-Track LED in construction, but instead of LED lights, it has high-visibility, reflective yellow safety strips. It’s 36 inches in length and can be installed on 2” and 3” track. The installation will cover a maximum door thickness of 2 inches. It does not come with mounting anchors or fasteners. APS Resource also offers a one-year limited warranty on the Impact-A-Track Reflect.

Both Impact-A-Track products are used to protect the overhead door track from impact by fork truck or other vehicles which makes them useful to any company with a loading dock. If you would like more information on either the LED or Reflect versions of Impact-A-Track, please contact us at Beuschel Sales. We will be happy to discuss how they can improve safety at your dock doors

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