Which Dock Seal Accessories Does Your Facility Need?

Beuschel Sales sells and installs a wide variety of products designed to make your loading dock a safer and more comfortable place sheltered from the elements and pests. In addition to offering dock levelers, seals, and shelters, we also have dock accessories that work in tandem with other dock products to increase their overall effectiveness and make them last longer.

dock seal accessories

The Kelley WearMaster Dock Seal Head Pad System

One product we offer that enhances and protects your dock seals is the WearMaster dock seal head pad system. This is a two-piece movable head pad and wear pleat system. Air-ride suspension trailers have the tendency to move up and down while being loaded and unloaded. This can cause damage to a stationary head pad and wear pleat system. Friction from the movement of the trailer against a stationary head pad wears it down over time, and the result is a broken seal and an unprotected wall surface. The WearMaster system moves with the trailer.  Its durable head pad slides up to six inches if the trailer raises or lowers because of weight changes, air-ride suspensions, or yard-spotting tractors. 

How does it work? When the trailer backs up to the loading dock, the yard jockey raises it up in order to position it correctly as the driver backs the trailer in. Then WearMaster’s two-piece floating head pad and wear pleat system adjusts itself vertically according to the height of the trailer as it is lowered to the dock. 

Because the WearMaster system is made of Tufsteel galvanized steel framing, it’s durable and long lasting. It will perform for years, keeping your dock sealed off and safe. 

Other Dock Accessories

There is a complete range of other dock accessories that can be added as needed for any facility with more challenging loading dock areas. They include:

Wear pleats – These overlap on the pad face to provide maximum resistance to trailer abrasion and are available in 4-inch, 8-inch, and 16-inch exposures.

DSH with a foam front – This product is sewn to the face of the hood to protect it.

Head curtain pull rope assembly – This can be added in order to more easily adjust the head curtain to various trailer heights.

Bottom flaps – These flaps attach to side pads and extend them which is useful when the dock uses an above-the dock bumper. 

Wear faces – These faces are available for use with interior side pads. They extend the durability and life of these pads by adding an extra layer of fabric to them. 

Flame-retardant foam and fabric – All fabrics and foams meet federal safety standards. 

If your company’s loading dock needs additional protection or you are concerned that some of its equipment is wearing out or needs replacing, please give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you about which dock accessories would help solve the specific issues you are experiencing. 

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