The FLEX-BACK™ Panel Will Save Your Warehouse Money and Hassle

Flex-back panel

There are plenty of danger zones in modern warehouse. Workers, trailers, and forklifts are constantly coming and going, delivering, and loading and unloading. Mistakes are common, and without the right training and equipment, there will be damage. Often this damage is costly to repair and can close down the area until it’s done. One of the most commonly damaged areas is the loading dock with the dock door taking the brunt of many impacts. The FLEX-BACK™ Panel is one way to reduce loading-dock-door damage in your facility. Here we will discuss the FLEX-BACK™ Panel’s advantages and benefits.

What Is the FLEX-BACK™ Panel?

The FLEX-BACK™ Panel is a replacement door panel. It’s made of a high-impact polymer panel skin stretched over a flexible fiberglass frame. When hit, the FLEX-BACK™ Panel flexes and then returns to normal position without damage. It can flex both in and out so it can withstand impact from both inside and outside. There are no center hinges to reset or replace.

The FLEX-BACK™ Panel is very durable, and its puncture-resistant construction can stand up to daily warehouse abuse. It installs easily using the existing door panel hardware and can be used as a bottom and intermediate panel. It comes with a standard, heavy-duty, easy-grip handle and is available in most popular sectional door sizes. These are 8’2”, 9’2” and 10’2”. It can also be ordered to fit custom sized door openings. Its thick, 1¾-inch construction fits most common doors. The FLEX-BACK™ Panel accommodates 2-inch or 3-inch rollers and is fully gasketed for 100% weatherseal.

This panel is thermally efficient and seals against tongue-and-groove or ship/lap door panels. The FLEX-BACK™ Panel helps seal the loading dock from the outside elements of both heat and cold.

Why Should You Install the FLEX-BACK™ Panel?

Ask yourself these questions: Does your loading dock door have door fatigue? Does the panel of your dock door creep into the door opening? Do you have a busy loading dock with lots of crashes and smashes? Are your workers always paying attention to what they are doing? These are all great reasons to install this panel.

The good news about the FLEX-BACK™ Panel is that, once installed, it can pay for itself over and over within a short period of time. Door repairs are expensive. Down time at the loading dock is expensive. This panel is not an entirely new loading dock door. It is one panel and it protects doors just where they are most susceptible to damage. The FLEX-BACK™ Panel also comes with a 2-year warranty so there will be no costs after installation for 2 years.

If the FLEX-BACK™ Panel sounds like a good solution to impact problems you have in your warehouse or facility, call us at Beuschel Sales. We would be happy to talk about how we can help fix this problem for you with one or more of our great products!


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