Aisle Chain Works Great for Restricting Access to Designated Areas

Warehouses and loading docks have a number of built-in dangers because of their constant traffic, moving vehicles, and changing personnel. To increase safety in these areas, a number of products have been developed. Some of them are complex and some are very simple. One of the simplest and least expensive safety products available is the Aisle Chain.

What Is the Aisle Chain?

The Aisle Chain is a visual-barrier chain system that is positioned to restrict entrance to a designated area. The Aisle Chain kit comes equipped with two 16-foot chains, D-Rings, turnbuckles, wall receivers, J-Bolts, and two caution signs. This product is easy to install and is manually operated.

Aisle Chain’s design highlights are:

  • It’s simple to install and use, requiring no electricity to operate.
  • It comes in 16-foot lengths that can be cut to size for use.
  • Its powder-coated yellow chain is easy to see and hard to miss!
  • It can be attached to racking columns and, optionally, concrete walls.
  • It comes with a 1-year limited warranty with APS Resource.

What makes the Aisle Chain such a useful product? There are areas in warehouses where personnel  must work uninterrupted. By utilizing the Aisle Chain, these areas can be blocked off as inaccessible to unauthorized persons. This increases safety for both workers or observers in the designated area and outside of it. While it’s very simple barrier technology, Aisle Chain works well and can easily be moved to another area or removed if no longer necessary.

Aisle Chain has a lot in common with Dual Chain, a product that provides a visual barrier for unprotected side or edges within a warehouse or on the loading dock. Dual Chain is ideal for areas of the loading dock that are not in current use but cannot be completely closed off.

If either the Aisle Chain or Dual Chain sounds like a good solution to you have in your warehouse or facility, call us at Beuschel Sales. We would love to talk about how we can help you with one or more of our great products!

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