A Rotating Hook Product Comparison

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You may think all loading dock equipment is the same, but this could not be further from the truth. At Beuschel Sales we install a wide variety of equipment every day, as we replace old, outdated, or poor quality equipment. We are proud of the line of products we offer from manufacturers like Kelley and APS Resource. To demonstrate why high quality equipment makes a real difference, we will compare and contrast three different rotating hook products: the APS 2000, Blue Giant, and Nordock AR-9000.

The APS 2000, Blue Giant, and Nordock AP-9000 rotating hooks are designed to reduce the occurrence of accidents at the loading dock by restraining semi-trailers during loading and unloading. Let’s look at the specifications for these products as they will affect how well each accomplishes this goal:


The APS 2000 has a dust tight gasketed motor with high grade synthetic grease and stainless steel hardware. These protect against water, including temporary submersion.

Blue Giant is not gasketed and has RTV silicone on its exterior. It allows for limited ingress of dust but is protected against jets of water.

Nordock AP-9000 has no gasket on its motor housing and is not water protected.

Brake Motor

The APS 2000 has a patented electro-mechanical brake motor that does not require adjustment. The Blue Giant has a slip clutch design gearbox and requires a torque check twice a year.


In terms of power consumption, the APS 2000 is energy efficient at 1.6 FLA (Full Load Amps) while the Blue Giant uses 5.2 FLA. Nordock AP-9000’s motor runs constantly while the hook is engaged and uses approximately 50W of power.


The APS 2000 has a compact motor while the Nordock AP-9000’s oversized direct drive motor is 16 inches long which makes it susceptible to damage from trailers loading and unloading.  

Gear Design

The APS 2000 has a modern hypoid gear design for reliable and extended gear life. The Blue Giant has straight tooth worm gears. The Nordock AP-9000 has a rubber coupling that is vulnerable to environmental degradation.

Hook Re-engagement.

The APS 2000 offers standard automatic hook re-engagement. The Blue Giant does not and neither does the Nordock AP-9000.


The APS 2000’s housing, roller track, and hook are zinc plated with a yellow dichromate finish added for better durability and appearance. The Blue Giant is zinc plated. The Nordock AP-9000’s housing, roller track and hook are zinc plated with a clear dichromate finish.

User Friendliness:

In terms of operation, the APS 2000’s installation, operation, and maintenance are user friendly. The Blue Giant has a complicated operating system and wiring.

Control Box:

The APS 2000’s control box is made of industrial grade metal with metal hinges, latches, push buttons, and keyed override switch. The Blue Giant has a plastic control box with plastic hinges and latches. It has a soft touch keypad and a small non-lit, hard-to-read LCD screen.


Good quality means that your loading dock equipment will last longer, be easier to use, and will operate better during its lifetime. It also comes with a better warranty as well. The APS 2000 comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty compared to the Nordock AP-9000’s 1-year warranty.

The rotating hook product Beuschel Sales sells and recommends is, of course, the APS 2000. Here it is in action:

If you would like more information about the APS 2000 rotating hook or our other high quality loading dock equipment, please call us. We would love to tell you more about how our products can increase safety and efficiency at your facility.

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