Foam-Sided Dock Seals Keep the Weather Out!

When the weather gets cold and wet, loading dock seals prove their worth, providing an effective barrier against the elements. With the outside kept outside, workers can load and unload truck trailers more safely and efficiently. Beuschel Sales offers a complete line of loading dock seals. Let’s talk about the benefits foam-sided dock seals offer. 

A Choice of Foam-sided Dock Seals

Kelley makes three series of foam-sided dock seals that Beuschel Sales can install in your facility before this winter hits to protect your workers and shipped products. These are: 

The DSS Series – The Kelley DSS Series Foam Dock Seal With Head Pad creates a positive seal between internal and external environments, keeping the inside protected and the outside elements out. A flexible, non-flammable adhesive bonds this product’s foam core to the steel frame. It compresses with ease, and that tough, polyurethane foam keeps its original shape no matter how frequently the loading dock is used. All of the pads are vented in order to release air and moisture, and full-length yellow stripes help drivers guide their vehicles to the dock. 

This dock seal seals automatically when the vehicle is backed against the foam pads. Its heavy-duty construction ensures this dock seal will last for years and require minimal maintenance. This seal is ideal for smaller doors of 9′ wide x 9′ high or less. 

The DSH Series – The Kelley DSH Series Foam Dock Seal With Head Curtain has a hood-style head curtain that seals the rear of the vehicle. It can accommodate a variety of vehicle heights. End caps secure the drop curtain to the side pads. The top of the hood curtain is tapered forward and is securely fastened to the building wall. It contains durable fiberglass stays which improve moisture drainage and prevent sagging, and seamless aluminum tubing provides further support. The hood curtain splits, if necessary, to offer load relief and higher clearance. It also features full-length yellow stripes to help drivers back up their vehicles. This seal is ideal for doors that are 9′ high or taller. 

The DSA Series – The patented Kelley DSA Series Foam Dock Seal With Adjustable Head Pad features a manually adjustable head pad that allows you to position the head pad on a 48″ vertical track. An 18″ high foam head pad is mounted on a 10-gauge formed painted steel pan. Its adjustable spring-tension systems allows for the adjustment of counterbalance and horizontal tilt. This ensures that it will work smoothly and without jams. This dock seal provides excellent sealing on a full range of trailer heights. 

All of the above dock seals utilize TufSteel® galvanized steel framing. This makes Kelley dock seals much more durable than wood framed dock seals. The risk of building damage is lower because compressible foam on a steel frame replaces solid mass. A steel frame means that there will be no rotting, splitting, cracking, or warping, and the plated TEK screws used to install the dock seal provide a stronger, more durable hold. This framing comes with a 5-year warranty. Why does your company need loading dock seals? If your company is in the following industries or experiences the following challenges, these foam-sided dock seals were designed for you:

  • Distribution operations
  • Industrial operations
  • General warehousing
  • Food and beverage
  • Cold storage
  • Operational efficiency
  • Safety and security
  • Environmental control

If you are wondering which of the above would best meet your loading dock needs, give us a call at 616-520-8680. We will be happy to discuss what your unique situation is and how we can create a solution that will be best for your workers and your bottom line. 

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