L-shaped and V-Shaped Dock Seals

In our last blog we discussed foam-sided dock seals. Did you know that dock seals come in different shapes, though? Beuschel Sales sells and installs L-shaped and V-shaped dock seals to meet the needs of different loading docks. Both types offer a great seal, but there are advantages to each type. In this blog we will talk about the features of these types of seals and how they can keep your loading dock safe from the elements and pests

L-shaped Dock Seals

The L-shaped dock seals have a full-recovery foam core. The L-shaped side pads are supported by triangular shaped wedges, and the seal’s reinforced wear surfaces have full-height yellow guide strips. 

DSHL Series L-shaped Dock Seal with Head Curtain – This dock seal provides total access to the trailer when it is docked at doors with openings that are over 9 feet high. It has a modular hood-style head curtain that will not over-compress and TufSteel® galvanized steel framing. 

DSSL Series L-shaped Dock Seal with Stationary Head Pad – This seal is made for doors with openings up to 9 feet high and will provide full-width access to trailers that are either 8 feet or 8 feet and 6 inches wide. It features a head pad made from compression foam, L-shaped side pads supported by L-shaped side pads, and TufSteel® galvanized steel framing. 

V-shaped Dock Seals

Kelley’s V-shaped foam-filled side pads automatically seal against the trailer door when it backs into position. These dock seals feature a full-recovery foam core bonded to a roll-formed galvanized steel backing. The performance-proven TS-55® Super Fabric covering these seals wears exceptionally well and protects against sharp edges on the outside of the trailer. V-shaped dock seals also have a 3-inch yellow guide stripe and a V focal point to make backing up simpler and safer for the driver.

VS Series Dock Seal with Stationary Head Pad – This seal works effectively even when the trailer is docked off center. It’s ideal for sealing the hinge air gap while still allowing for better access to the back of the trailer. It can accommodate various trailer widths and dock doors up to 9 feet tall. This model comes with 3-inch inside bottom flaps. 

VSH Series Dock Seal with Head Curtain – This model seal offers a tight sidewall seal and a hood-style head curtain that accommodates taller doorways. The curtain is made from extra-durable TS-55® Super Fabric. The seal features support pads on seamless aluminum tubing for front support, end caps, and roll-formed Tufsteel galvanized steel framing.

The TS-55® Super Fabric on these dock seals is a heavy-duty polyester-based fabric coated on both sides with a polymer blend coating. This fabric has the highest tear and puncture resistance of any industry fabric. 

While both types, the L-shaped and V-shaped dock seals, seal the loading dock very well, it can be hard to decide which would work best for your facility’s needs. That’s why Beuschel Sales is here to help. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the different types of seals, their features, and how they would function on your loading dock based on the use your dock gets. Call us today to answer any questions you have about dock seals, shelters, or any other loading dock product. 

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