Frequently Asked Questions about Dock Layout

dock layout

Do you have questions about your dock layout and wonder how to choose the right products for your needs? Are you in a location with an unusual dock layout and wonder how you can make it work better? Or are you planning your own building and want to know ahead of time what the best layout is? Here are some frequently-asked questions we at Beuschel Sales get about dock layout – with our answers. This is another part of our FAQ series which includes high-speed doors and dock levelers.

Why do trailers keep hitting our building, especially at the top of the door opening?  

This is caused by not having enough bumper projection.  If your dock has a declined approach the dock leveler actually needs to be cantilevered (supported by a cantilever).  With a declined approach, the top of the trailer reaches the building before the bottom of the trailer so hitting the door opening can be a problem.

We don’t have a loading dock, how can we still receive deliveries and ship product?  

There are several products we offer that will help with this situation.  You can use a simple portable plate to bridge the gap between the building and the trailer.   Another option is to use a dock lift that goes from grade to the back trailer.

How do we know what size of dock bumper we need?   

Bumper projection is determined by the grade and the type of trailer your facility is using.  With air ride trailers or lift-gate trailers, we do recommend using a double high style vertical bumper.

What size door opening do I need at my loading dock?  

A trailer can be 8’ 6” wide and 13’ 6” tall.  With a 48” high dock height we recommend going with 9’ W x 9’ H or a 9’ W x 10’ H door.  This will allow you to have full access to the back of the trailer to load and unload product.

What is the most important piece of equipment in the loading area?  

Dock bumpers.  They are often overlooked, but they protect the building from damage by the trailer. It’s much easier and cheaper to replace a dock bumper than it is to rebuild a wall.

How do I know which dock enclosure is best for my loading dock needs?  

There are several options for dock enclosures depending on your application.  Any trailer with lift gates or steps on the back shelters are the best option.  With climate controlled environments a foam style dock seal is a great option.  We at Beuschel Sales can help you decide which style is best for your needs.

How do we stop the water running off the trailer into the building?  

This is especially a problem with declined truck wells.  In this situation in a heavy rain the trailer becomes a 50’ long 8’ wide rain gutter funneling the water back towards the building.    No dock seal or shelter alone is going to stop the water.  An Aquashield Rain Sealing System is the best option to keep the water from coming back into the building.

Beuschel Sales has decades of experience with dock equipment. We know how to improve any kind of dock layout and make it work for our customers. Call us any time for professional advice. We serve West, Central, and Northern Michigan. Click here to see if your business is in our service area.

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