Now Is The Time to Upgrade Your Warehouse

We are currently in the fourth quarter of 2017, and economically things are looking rosy for West Michigan. In November, GVSU’s Seidman College of Business released a report detailing the good news, and Brian G. Long, Director of Supply Management Research there stated: “This is probably as good as it’s going to get. If we continue this way to 2019, it will be the longest post-war recovery in history without sliding into another recession.” Now may be the best time to upgrade your facility, warehouse, or physical plant. 

upgradeIn 2016, the four-county Grand Rapids metropolitan area was ranked #1 for job growth, the fastest growing economy in the United States. It is also #6 for Gross Regional Product in the nation, and worldwide Global Trade Magazine ranked Grand Rapids among the top 10 “Emerging Cities” in the US. This means that business is booming here.

Why is the West Michigan economy doing so well in comparison to other geographic areas? It’s because it has one of the largest and most diverse manufacturing sectors in the country, with companies on the forefront of medical devices, metals, plastics, biopharmaceuticals, office furniture and food processing. West Michigan has an automotive sector, of course (this is Michigan!), but it’s not dependent on the automotive sector or any other sector in order to remain successful.

West Michigan agri-business sector is also very diverse. Because of Lake Michigan and the blunting effect that large water body has on midwest weather conditions, farmers are able to grow an enormous range of fruits and vegetables – more than any other state except for California. We are incredibly blessed in terms of local food. West Michigan is also known and beloved for its growing beer industry. People come from all over the country to try our beer, and when they’ve sampled it, they keep buying it.

In addition to industrial diversity, there are many other reasons for West Michigan’s success. It has a highly educated workforce, a solid infrastructure, a growing software development industry, and one of the fastest growing medical clusters in the Midwest. People are drawn to our thriving economy and new businesses are born and grown here every day.

All of the above means that opportunities are available for businesses with drive and vision, and those opportunities are more recession proof than in many other cities because the economy as a whole is strong. This is great news for local companies. The past several decades have been challenging in Michigan, but we are the Comeback State. In this economy, companies that weathered the last recession can now begin to make investments on growth rather than survival.

As we finish out 2017 and move into the new year, Beuschel Sales would like to remind you that a safe and efficient loading dock and physical plant is an investment in growth and success. If you are thinking of upgrading your facility in order to make shipping and receiving simpler, safer, and more efficient so that your business can grow further, there is no time like the present. Call us today. We are thankful for all of our customers and would love to hear from you about any way that we can help.

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