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The Hidden Hook Recessed Vehicle Restraint

Hidden Hook

Trailer restraints are an excellent low-cost loading-dock safety measure. When properly used, they can prevent accidents, injury, and even death at the loading dock. In terms of safety, they are a great improvement on basic wheel chocks. We have compared different choices for rotating hook trailer restraints before on this blog. Here we will discuss another option: the Hidden Hook recessed vehicle restraint. 

The Hidden Hook Vehicle Restraint 

The HH3000 restraint has a unique, non-impact design. It’s recessed and mounted in the pit itself, which means the ideal time to add this feature to a loading dock is during remodeling or new construction. This restraint is activated hydraulically. 

The Hidden Hook is mounted in a pit under the dock leveler. When it’s retracted, the dock face is clear and allows unobstructed access to smaller delivery trucks or trailers with hydraulic lift gates. The space can be easily plowed of snow or cleaned manually with no problems. 

When it’s activated via push button as the vehicle backs into position, the hook grabs the rear impact guard and holds it while the truck is being loaded or unloaded. The hook’s horizontal range is 4 to 14 inches from the dock face, and its vertical range is 9 to 28 inches. 

In addition to the hook, the HH3000 vehicle restraint includes an interlock-capable steel NEMA 12 control panel and rear impact guard safe engagement signaling, including automatic interior/exterior LED communication lights. The exterior light is a green “O” before the truck is in position. When the operator presses the ENGAGE button, the exterior light switches to a red “X.” The hook lowers and extends from the pit and raises itself until it makes contact with the rear impact guard. Then it retracts until it senses that it is engaged. Once engaged, the interior light switches from a red “X” to a green “O.” 

It’s simple to release the hook by pressing the RESTRAINT RELEASE button on the control panel, and the process reverses itself. The hook returns to its original position, the exterior light switches to a green “O,” and the vehicle is free to leave. If a problem occurs, an alarm will sound and lights will flash so the vehicle driver and the loading dock workers will be aware. 

The HH3000 also comes with a CAUTION sign that can be mounted with standard and reversed lettering for the vehicle driver. The entire Hidden Hook unit meets OSHA safety standards, and it comes with a limited 1-year warranty from Kelley. 

If you think that the Hidden Hook vehicle restraint sounds like a good safety option for your loading dock, give us a call at Beuschel Sales. We will be happy to talk with you about its features or make other recommendations for increasing safety at your facility. 

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