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The Dock Impact Barrier-LC: Fall Protection for Your Facility

Dock Impact Barrier-LC

If you would like to improve worker safety in your warehouse or facility, there are a number of fall protection products that Beuschel Sales offers that can help. They range from the simple to the complex, from manual to automated. The Dock Impact Barrier-LC is a hand-operated gate that, when used correctly, limits the potential of falls at your loading dock. In this blog we will discuss its features and benefits. 

OSHA’s Fall-Protection Standards

What do OSHA’s fall-protection standards require for safety equipment in the workplace? OSHA issued its final rule on Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems in 2016. OSHA designed this rule, stated in full in CFR 1910 Subpart D, to protect workers in general industry from the harm that can result from falls because falls frequently result in injuries and even deaths. 

When it issued this ruling, OSHA estimated that these updated protection standards would prevent 29 deaths and decrease the more than 5,842 workplace injuries that occur every year in the U.S. Failure to comply with these standards can come at a heavy price – a maximum fine of $13,260.00 per dock

With the right safety training and equipment, many of these accidents are completely preventable. The 2016 rule allows employers to choose the fall-protection system that works best for their specific environments from the OSHA-permitted options.

The Dock Impact Barrier-LC

The Dock Impact Barrier-LC is a reliable loading-dock safety option that complies with OSHA standards for dock impact barriers. This piece of safety equipment is a manually-operated gate that reduces overhead clearance requirements by 30 inches without hindering performance. It offers the following advantages: 

  • It’s manufactured in high-visibility yellow with powder-coated columns and safety striping on the rails.
  • Its 9/16” diameter heavy-duty steel industrial cable encased in flexible fiberglass rail can stop a 10,000-pound gross load at 4 MPH.
  • Its heavy-duty steel side members offer more protection. 
  • It has a safety foot latch mechanism that locks the rail in place securely.
  • Optional netting is available to fill the space in between the rails. Retrofit kits are also available.
  • It reduces overhead clearance when compared to the standard dock impact barrier.
  • It works well with most dock applications.
  • It requires only minimal maintenance.
  • It features optional interlock capability.
  • It comes with (8) 3⁄4” x 6” anchors.
  • It carries a (1) year limited warranty with APS Resource.

Reading OSHA’s fall protection standards may be daunting. Government regulatory language often is. If you have any questions about the type of fall-protection equipment that would be best to purchase and install in your facility in order to meet them, we’d be happy to discuss your working environment with you. The Dock Impact Barrier-LC is a good option, and there are others we could suggest based on your facility’s needs. Call us today for more information. 

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