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Accident Protection: Loading-dock Bumpers

Loading dock protective equipment varies from simple and inexpensive to more expensive and complex. In our last blog we talked about bollards, one simple tool to increase situational awareness and prevent collisions. In this blog we will discuss another: bumpers. These two pieces of equipment work together to protect your workers, your facility, and the drivers who back up to your loading dock. 

What Do Bumpers Do?

Since most Americans drive, we are familiar with the purpose of a bumper. It exists to minimize any damage done if a vehicle hits another object, whether that’s a building, another vehicle, or your dock. If you are shipping and receiving products via your dock, you likely have invested a significant amount of money, in the form of dock levelers, restraints, seals, and shelters, into it to make it as safe and functional as possible. You do not want to have any of that equipment damaged by an accident. Bumpers offer a protective barrier to damage. 

Different Kinds of Bumpers

There are a number of bumper options that we offer. We sell every kind of bumper in both vertical and horizontal. The different types are:

Molded bumpers – This type of bumper is molded in one piece and composed of nylon and polyester reinforced rubber. Its unique design and construction allows it to stand up to high impacts over long periods of time. It’s compact and weather resistant, requires no maintenance, and is perfect for low-traffic dock use. 

All of our molded bumper models have pre-drilled, countersunk mounting holes that are drilled to accept 3/4” anchor bolts for installation.

Laminated bumpers – Our laminated bumpers will absorb over 80% of a truck’s impact, helping to protect both the dock and the building. They are designed with thick, reinforced rubber pads that are laminated between heavy steel angles to improve both the stability and strength of the bumper. 

Steel-faced bumpers – This bumper’s rubber pads and steel face absorb and deflect any impact, making it a true dock defender. We recommend this type of bumper for heavy-duty use and air-ride trailer applications. It is long lasting and cost effective due to the amount of wear and tear it can take and remain in good condition. It requires no maintenance and will hold up under tough weather conditions. 

The bumpers that Beuschel Sales offers are built to last and proven to hold up for years. They come with a one-year limited warranty with APS Resource. As a barrier, they will help reduce damage to vehicles and also lessen the possibility of costly brick or concrete repair to your facility. If you have questions about which type of bumper or bumpers would be best for your company’s loading dock, call us. We would be happy to talk to you about any problems you are having and how we may be able to help. 

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