How Do HVLS Fans Save Energy?

HVLS Fan Wind PatternIf your business needs to maintain temperature within its facility in order to lower costs, maintain comfort, or protect product, HVLS fans are an excellent solution. Here we’ll explain how HVLS fans do their magic (or, rather, science).

Save Energy Cooling

Increased airflow has a psychological cooling effect. Blowing air allows for convective and evaporative cooling. People feel cooler when air is blowing even if the temperature remains the same. In many if not most cases, the goal of cooling indoor spaces is to make customers and workers more comfortable. Turning down the thermostat accomplishes it, but at a greater cost than circulating air. For every degree the thermostat is lowered, the cooling system has a 3%  increase in kilowatt usage, and for every degree it’s increased there’s an energy savings of 3% as well.

save energySave Energy Heating

HVLS fans save energy heating too, but in a different way. People know the saying, “Hot air rises, cool air falls,” but they don’t conceptualize that air stratifies in a building with high ceilings. The warmest air in a heated building will be at the very top of the space – just where it isn’t needed.  The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling of a 20-foot facility could be as large as 10 degrees, and the warm air will seek places in the ceiling or roof from which to escape.

When run in reverse, HVLS de-stratify the air, mixing the cooler and warmer air together and then distributing it within the space in a more uniform way. Combined with a forced air heating system, HLVS will allow for significant energy savings because it will keep the heat from leaving through the roof and recycle it for more use within the space.

Reduce HVAC Tonnage and Ducting

Because HVLS fans redistribute both warmer and cooler air, installing HVLS fans will also allow a company to reduce HVAC tonnage and eliminate ductwork. It’s easier and cheaper for HVLS fans to direct the warm and cool air that the HVAC system produces than it is for that system to produce more warm or cool air. The space will be more comfortable too because it will not have pockets or layers that are too warm or too cold because they’re distant from the ductwork. Fans do not gather dust either! The air inside the building will have less allergens floating about and causing people trouble.

HVLS fans are the solution to both heating and cooling challenges in large buildings. Installing HVLS fans will provide year round climate control. The energy efficiency of HVLS fans is great in terms of both environmental impact and cost savings. If you would like to understand more about how HVLS fans could solve the energy issues of your building, call Beuschel Sales today.





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