Is a LoadHog Modular Dock Bridge the Right Solution for Your Dock?

Load HogPreviously we discussed the importance of using ergonomic equipment at your loading dock, specifically in regards to choosing a dock leveler. Today we’d like to talk about an additional piece of equipment designed to improve loading dock performance and safety: the LoadHog modular dock bridge.

What are the advantages of a LoadHog dock bridge?

  • Simple installation – no pit required
  • 15,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight capacity
  • Easy manual operation
  • Small footprint allows easy access for floor cleaning and routine
  • Minimizes energy loss & improves loss prevention maintenance

The LoadHog is easy to install. It mounts to the warehouse floor with only four heavy-duty anchor bolts, and the bumper block assembly attaches to the face of the dock with four anchors per bumper. This product allows for many of the same benefits of a mechanical dock leveler, spanning the gap between the warehouse dock and a trailer without having to construct a concrete pit in the dock.Using the LoadHog is also simple and ergonomic. Workers need only step on the release pedal and gently push the LoadHog forward. Unlike with dock plates or mechanical levelers, no bending or pulling of chains is required so there are fewer opportunities for accidents or injuries. The LoadHog also requires minimal maintenance and takes up little space when not in use. When stored vertically up against a loading dock door, it helps to minimize energy loss and increase dock security and protect against forklift damage.

An additional benefit to purchasing and using the LoadHog is that this product can easily be disassembled and taken to a new location if the company moves to different facilities. It is quite portable. Because there is no concrete pit below the LoadHog, no debris will build up beneath it as with a dock leveler, nor is there any access below for insects, rodents, or other prowlers.

Beuschel Sales offers many different products designed to meet all of the needs of a facility with a loading dock. Whether your business would benefit from the installation of a LoadHog modular dock bridge or would be better served with the traditional dock leveler set up is something we would be happy to discuss with you. Each business is different and has varying needs in terms of energy conservation, employee protection, security, and efficient loading and unloading of product, but we would be happy to visit your facilities and talk through which options best suit your needs. Call us today to make your loading dock a safer and more productive space.

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