Lower Heating Costs with HVLS Fans

lower heating costsYou may have read or experienced how well HVLS fans work to reduce cooling costs in large spaces during summer and hot weather, but they also work to lower heating costs in the winter. That’s right: HVLS fans can be used to maximize the function of both air conditioning and heating systems. This is good news for us in Michigan as fall is now here and we face cooler weather.

How Do HVLS Fans Lower Heating Costs?

As we’ve mentioned before, in a building with high ceilings the air stratifies with the warmest air in a heated building located at the top of each room. Almost no one in any building works in this space, however, and the temperature differential between the ceiling and floor can be as much as 10 degrees. What’s more, this air will seek to escape through the roof or any cracks in the building, so it doesn’t even act as an insulating blanket. It’s just unused, heated, expensive air that will find its way out of your building if you do not recycle it. This is where HVLS fans come in.

HVLS fans have the ability to destratify this air if they are run in reverse. They mix up the cooler and warmer air together and redistribute it throughout the entire space. By doing so, not only does the air get used again, but your furnace gets a break because it doesn’t have to fire as often to heat up the air. That’s how lower heating costs manifest. HVLS fans and HVAC systems pair wonderfully together. Some HVLS fans are programmable and can be daisy chained together to work in tandem and provide very precise temperature control of the space.

The best thing about HVLS fans is that they are simple and durable. Unlike an HVAC system which have many complicated components, fans are pretty straightforward technology that lasts a long time and is easier to repair if they ever do break down.

In Michigan winter is once again right around the corner for all of us. Get ready. There is one more month of warmish weather to make choices about how you will heat your facilities when the cold returns. If you want to maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system you have now and minimize heating (and also cooling next summer), you should install HVLS fans in your building or warehouse. Call us at Beuschel Sales if you would like more specifics of costs and installation. We would be happy to discuss how HVLS fans can make your facilities warmer for your workers and lower heating costs this winter.



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