Dual Chain Protection for Your Loading Dock

Dual ChainWith hot summer weather everyone in Michigan opens their doors. Most people are glad to see more of the outdoors when summer comes, but an open door on the loading dock can mean an accident waiting to happen. For employers who want to meet OSHA standards in a simple and economical way, one great solution is Dual Chain.

Suffering hot summer temperatures (and high cooling costs) doesn’t let companies off the hook for compliance with OSHA standards for safety. As it states in 1910.28(b)(1)(i):  “Except as provided elsewhere in this section, the employer must ensure that each employee on a walking-working surface with an unprotected side or edge that is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more above a lower level is protected from falling by one or more of the following:

  • Guardrail systems;
  • Safety net systems; or
  • Personal fall protection systems, such as personal fall arrest, travel restraint, or positioning systems.”

Not every safety hazard requires a complicated or expensive solution. Dual Chain assures worker safety in two ways. The first, and least complicated one, is visual. Dual Chain’s easily seen yellow chains – two layers of them – are hard to miss, even by workers who are not paying attention.

The second way Dual Chain works is by physically impeding movement. Installing Dual Chain’s top rail at 42” satisfies OSHA standards because it stops most people from moving forward. The lower chain is an additional barrier. Both are made of galvanized steel and fit doors that are 8 feet, 9 feet, and 10 feet in width. The chains come with turnbuckles that are pre-attached which makes for simple installation. Because there are no moving parts, Dual Chain is a less expensive barrier than most, and requires virtually no maintenance.

“The Dual Chain is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install barrier made to help protect workers in a loading dock environment.”

To sum up, installing Dual Chain is an economical way to meet OSHA standards for fall protection and its ease of installation make it compatible with most loading dock operations. If you think Dual Chain would be a good safety solution for your facility’s safety requirements, call Beuschel Sales today.


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