Secondary Warning Alert Technology – Another Layer of Safety

secondary warning

Loading dock safety is a priority for any business that ships or moves products. Vehicle restraints are crucial to prevent accidents, of course, but there are other ways to enhance overall awareness and safety. Adding Secondary Warning Alert Technology (S.W.A.T.) is one of these ways.

S.W.A.T. works with APS-approved dock lights in order to warn dock workers if the vehicle restraint fails. S.W.A.T. flashes the dock light when the restraint changes status, alerting workers to check the restraint and make sure it’s in proper form for safe loading. This increases dock safety by adding an additional layer to the safety system. It continuously updates dock workers as to the status of the dock restraint – so no surprises and subsequent accidents will occur.

If you are concerned about trailer creep, early departure, trailer pop-up, or landing gear collapse on your loading dock, S.W.A.T. is an excellent solution. S.W.A.T. devices have a flash rate of 60 FPM. They work with most restraints that have an alarm or warning state and are compatible with numerous dock lights and also with most Kelley, Serco, and APS Resource restraints. Secondary Warning Alert Technology mounts in most locations, so it can be wherever your workers need it to be.

In addition to S.W.A.T., Beuschel also sells a number of visual aids to increase loading dock safety, including dock strobes, guide lights, and reflect and guide strips. If ensuring the safety of both employees and equipment if your aim, call us today to discuss which of the above products would be best to install or implement. Beuschel Sales is proud to serve the western, central, and northern parts of the state of Michigan. If your business is in this geographic area, it is our privilege to serve you.


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