National Forklift Safety Day Is in June

forklift safetyNational Forklift Safety Day is every June. The Industrial Truck Association created this day to shine more light on the importance of training and vigilance on the job. We at Beuschel Sales have discussed ways to increase safety at the loading dock on the blog many times. A large part of a safe operation depends on forklift safety and employee behavior. It’s vital for any business with a loading dock to purchase and implement up-to-date safety equipment, but good managers know that it’s equally important to focus on how their employees operate their tools, including their forklifts.

What are some safety measures managers can put in place to reduce accidents?

Inspection of tools – Regularly inspect all machinery and safety equipment to see if it’s working correctly. Make a list of all equipment and a calendar for its inspection. Do not simply make a mental note to inspect more often. It will fall by the wayside. Lists and habits properly implemented will result in a safer environment for everyone.

Data on accidents – Keep all data related to any incident or accident in your plant updated. This includes recording of how, when, where, why, and who contributed to any incident or accident. Good record keeping will reveal patterns over time, and it will be easier for managers to identify who needs more training and on what. They can also forego unnecessary training for employees who have excellent safety records.

Feedback in real time – Take the time to talk to workers when accidents occur and get their input on why any accident happened. In large plants or warehouse, it’s easy for an accident to become just another number in a safety report. Getting feedback from the workers involved and asking them what needs to be done to avoid a repeat accident will make a different kind of impact than a standard safety training class.

Rewards and acknowledgement – Offer incentives to workers for stellar safety records and responsible behavior. These incentives can and should be designed for both teams and individuals. People want to be rewarded for their own good work, but sometimes incentivizing groups of people can also put pressure on individuals who might otherwise ignore management’s directives. In other words, some workers care what their coworkers think of them more than what their managers do – especially when a reward is on the line.

The forklift industry is planning a number of events for National Forklift Safety Day as a way of reinforcing the importance of safety. Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. specifically will be offering no-cost forklift safety consultations to customers at their dealerships on June 12. If you would like more information on loading dock safety tomorrow or any other day, please call us at Beuschel Sales!

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