The Safety Benefits of Bollards


Bollards are a common piece of safety equipment. They are so ubiquitous and visually unobtrusive that people often don’t even notice them when they are coming or going in public places. They define boundaries and stop vehicles from causing damage to buildings or pedestrians. If you are concerned with collisions or accidents, either at your loading dock or in your company’s facilities, installing bollards can help improve safety. 

Warehouse Protective Systems 

Beuschel Sales offers a number of different warehouse protection solutions, including column protectors, drain pipe protectors, bollards, and more. These products often serve multiple purposes, including aesthetics. 

For example, when people think of bollards, they often think of how they serve to direct traffic in parks and downtown areas. In a warehouse environment, bollards are less about directing traffic and more about protecting people and property. 

At the loading dock, bollards prevent accidental damage to buildings from vehicles. They will stop a truck from hitting the building. While no one wants to see vehicle damage, building damage is harder and more expensive to repair. Bollards offer protection for loading docks, door jambs, and other in-plant areas that may be more likely to see vehicle accidents. 

Bollards also protect workers from areas of high traffic within the building. The presence of bollards slows down traffic, and it also discourages workers from entering areas that are less safe to be in. 

Bollards and Bollard Covers

The pipe bollards we sell are available in heavy-duty 6” or 4” diameter pipe, are powder coated safety yellow for high visibility, and have a cap option if desired. 

The bollard covers we offer fit securely over existing bollards. They are also available in safety yellow and constructed of 1/8” thick, high-density, UV-stabilized polyethylene for durability and long life. Bollard covers come with red or blue reflective stripes. These covers are available in various sizes and are simple to install. 

At Beuschel Sales we sell a wide variety of safety equipment to our customers. The end goal of safety equipment is to create an environment of safety on its own. With some procedures in place and safety training, fewer accidents will occur, protecting anyone on the property and any products or equipment present. If you would like more information on bollards or bollard covers, give us a call. We’d be happy to tell you more about the warehouse protective systems we offer to our customers. 

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