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Safety Yellow Warehouse Products Limit Damage

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National Forklift Safety Day is in June. This is a good time to remind ourselves about the importance of safety in the warehouse, especially when motorized vehicles like forklifts are involved. Not taking enough caution or care can lead to a damaging and expensive incident, but with the right warehouse safety products, the risk to people and property can be significantly minimized. Often these products are “safety yellow” in color. Have you ever wondered why that color was chosen to improve awareness and what effect it has? Read on to find out. 

The primary way that the color yellow protects against accidents is by providing a visual barrier. Forklift drivers working on autopilot or when they’re tired or distracted may not pay attention to their surroundings as well as they should. That is why the color safety yellow is used – to set things apart visually.

What Is Safety Yellow?

Colors have meaning. We all understand from a young age that red means “stop,” and green means “go.” Yellow is a very commonly used color to warn against hazards. According to OSHA, “Yellow shall be the basic color for designating caution and for marking physical hazards such as: Striking against, stumbling, falling, tripping, and ‘caught in between.’”

Yellow is eye-catching. The color literally excites the cone receptors in our eyes and, thus, our brains. It’s easy to see from far away, and even color blind people can usually perceive it. It’s an energetic and bright color. 

When cars began to edge out horse drawn buggies in transporting people and goods, roads were built and new safety systems set in place. Road signs were made safety yellow so that people would be sure to see them even from fast-moving vehicles. Buses are yellow, as are taxis, and safety signs. A yellow light means caution or “slow down.” 

Warehouse Protective Systems

All kinds of safety equipment is manufactured, painted, or powder coated yellow to mark hazards such as low beams or high voltage. Here are some warehouse protective systems we offer that come in safety yellow and will improve awareness in your warehouse or dock environment: 

Rails and tracks – Our Sentry-Rail, Trak-Sentry, and Z-Guard products provide both a physical and visual barrier to impact so that important areas of your facility are safeguarded from access or impact. 

Bollards – Bollards will take the force of a vehicle impact instead of the wall or building. Safety yellow polyethylene bollard covers are also available. They fit over existing bollards and do not require maintenance or repainting. 

Column, Pipe, and Post Protectors – Columns, drain pipes, and rack posts are vulnerable to forklifts, hand trucks, drum dollies and personnel traffic, so we offer both steel protectors and poly-barrel column protectors. 

Fork Sentry – This is a heavy duty barrier to protect machinery and personnel from lift truck traffic. Its rugged construction barrier provides protection of company assets.

Dock Impact Barriers and Visual Barriers – Sometimes a visual reminder is all that is necessary. Our dock impact barriers are composed of aircraft cables encased in flexible fiberglass rails with high visibility nylon netting. This adds additional strength to withstand impacts of up to 10,000 pounds moving at 4 miles per hour.

Beuschel Sales offers a wide range of products designed to protect at the loading dock and in the warehouse. If your goal is to increase safety in your facility, using the right type and color safety products is an effective strategy. It’s especially important when the hazards present would cause physical harm or damage to people and property. Call Beuschel Sales today for more information on any of our safety products. 

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