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Dock Door Seals: What to Consider

Kelley Dock Seal

There are several types of loading dock door seals, but the one that will work best for your facility will depend on a number of factors. Here we will examine some of the factors you should consider before purchasing or replacing your dock seals. 

Benefits of Dock Door Seals 

Why should your company invest in loading dock door seals? There are a number of reasons. Door seals help keep your facility both safe and secure, and that means that your building, your employees, and any products being delivered or shipped will be protected from harm. Door seals: 

  • Control temperature and humidity. It costs money to heat or cool a building, and that’s especially true if you need to strictly maintain temperature or humidity. Door seals stop heat and cold as well as moisture from either entering or exiting the facility. 
  • Secure the building. The point of any barrier is to restrict what can enter, and that includes people and personnel. Dock door seals remove the opening between the truck and the door and keep them where they are supposed to be. 
  • Keep pests and debris out. If you need to keep dirt, pollen, or pests like birds or mice from entering your building, door seals are a good solution. 

Beuschel Sales has a variety of dock seals we can install and service in your facility, including L-shaped seals, V-shaped seals, and foam-sided dock seals. If you need more information about which type of seal would be best for your needs, we will let you know what your options are. It will depend on how your loading dock is configured, what kinds of trailers are unloaded there, the angle of the driveway, the height of the dock, and the type of dock leveler you are using. 

For the best efficiency at the loading dock, you will need a seal/door design that allows the seal to occur between the truck and the building before the trailer door is opened. 

Dock Door and Seal Maintenance

Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong kind of dock seal or install it incorrectly, it will not work as effectively or last as long. If there is friction between the seal and trailer, the seal will wear down over time. Choosing the wrong seal can cause damage to your building, as the pressure of the seal can be significant. 

Regular maintenance can save on wear and tear of the seal as well. A change in the type of trailer being used or defective trailers can cause real damage to the seal if it’s not detected early on. All dock seals and shelters will wear over time and parts will have to be replaced. If you wait until the seal or shelter is broken, you may find that there is a long lag time before you can receive replacement parts. This may cause disruption to your company or down time at your loading dock. 

This is why it’s important to have your door seals properly installed and maintained by an experienced professional. If your company is looking to install, replace, or upgrade your dock doors seals, call Beuschel Sales. We are always happy to help you find the best solution for your loading dock. 

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