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Trucking Logistics: A Serious Challenge for America

trucking logistics

If you own a company with a loading dock, you’ve been aware that for years now there has been a truck driver shortage. It’s affecting North American logistics in a very negative way. Business owners cannot solve the truck driver shortage on their own. By making improvements to their loading docks, however, they can improve trucking logistics and make the system better as a whole. 

Challenges for Trucking Logistics

There is a great need for additional truck drivers in the logistics industry. There are a number of reasons for the current shortage. First, Baby Boomers have been in the process of retiring for a decade now. Baby Boomers had different expectations of their jobs than younger generations do. Many Boomers were willing to do more difficult, more physically challenging jobs. Truck drivers work long hours, travel regularly away from home, and have stressful schedules, especially with the shortage of workers. As this older generation leaves the workforce, there are gaps that will be challenging to fill. 

The demand for consumer goods has also increased. The emergence of online e-commerce stores, ranging from huge companies like Amazon to small Etsy shops, has increased the need for shipping. More orders mean more trailers full of consumer goods that need to be shipped and delivered. COVID-19 exacerbated the problem because so many people stuck at home decide to redecorate, make repairs on their houses, or take up a new hobby. 

Another problem is that so much cargo is held up in storage while waiting for a ship or a truck to be loaded. That’s right: in the middle of a shipping crisis, too many truck drivers are experiencing wait times just to load or unload their trucks. This inefficiency costs everyone time and money: businesses, logistics companies, truck drivers, and consumers. 

Increased detention time has other negative effects as well. It’s linked to increased likelihood of accidents which puts both people and cargo at risk. It’s never good to rush when you are driving a large vehicle or lifting or carrying heavy loads. In fact, some trucking firms are either charging companies more if they are forced to wait or refusing to do business with them at all. 

It’s part of Beuschel Sales’ mission to minimize accidents at the loading dock by installing high quality safety equipment and using it correctly. There are many computerized logistical solutions that companies can also implement to improve efficiency, of course, but making sure that your loading dock is properly equipped and your staff is fully trained and observing your safety protocols while they work is key to decreasing detention time. 

If you would like to eliminate dock delays and help improve trucking logistics in America overall, contact us today. We would be happy to meet with you and make suggestions to make your loading dock better and safer for every truck that passes through it. 

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