The Importance of Using Ergonomic Equipment at Your Loading Dock

Dock leveling equipment comes in a number of forms – mechanical, hydraulic, or air powered. To people unfamiliar with the processes and safety issues of dock loading and unloading, the differences may seem minor, but to the workers operating them and the fork lift drivers using them, they don’t.

Hydraulic Dock LevelerMechanical dock levelers are operated by pull chain, but hydraulic and air powered levelers are operated with a push button that doesn’t require the worker to bend over and pull the chain to activate the dock leveler and then walk it down into position, using his body weight. If the trailer docking is below dock height, the leveler operator must pull a second chain so that the support legs will retract. This makes aFX and Hydraulic levelers the ergonomic choice compared to the mechanical levelers.

Of course, all of the dock levelers in our Kelley line are built for safety (with their patented SafeTFrame™ design) and have a number of features that prevent accidents at the loading dock. The mechanical dock leveler has an open subframe design, automatic lip extension, and structural steel safety legs, among other safety features.

However, though a little more expensive, air powered and hydraulic levelers tend to last longer than mechanical ones because the many moving parts that make up the mechanical levelers must be regularly replaced. The chance of injury or accident occurring while using the air powered and hydraulic levelers also decreases, resulting in a multi-layered return on investment in terms of both safety at your facility and cost to your business.

Similarly, our line of Hulk Lifts is designed with ergonomics and safety in mind.  The scissor lift, tilt-and-turn table, and dumper do not only make the worker’s job easier but safer as well because instead of making the worker conform his body to the task, they make the job – via the lift – fit the worker, eliminating potentially dangerous reaching and straining. The tilt-and-turn table makes it even easier for a worker to fit the task to his physical capability and safety needs. Using these lifts, there is little your workers will not be able to reach easily and safely.

If you are concerned about accidents at your warehouse or business or you just want to discuss your options for increasing efficiency and productivity in your workplace, call Beuschel Sales today. We will be more than happy to go over with you the pros and cons of the various pieces of equipment that could make a real difference in your company’s bottom line.

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