What Will Your Winter Energy Costs Be?

winter energy costsWinter 2017-2018

Last month we asked if you’ve done enough winter preparation of your loading dock to make sure it’s both accessible and safe to use during the coming months. Now it’s the end of October. It’s hard to know what to expect from winter this year, but MLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa of is predicting slightly colder than normal weather for West Michigan and more lake-effect snow than normal as well. The Farmers’ Almanac is also predicting a cold, snowy 2017-2018 winter for Michigan. Do you feel confident that your facility is ready to meet the challenges facing it?

If not, what steps can you take to help protect your building and your workers from damage, injuries, and accidents? Here are some products we recommend our clients have installed before winter arrives:

  • Dock seals and shelters – Dock seals and shelters, used in tandem, provide cover over the dock door and seal the gap between your building and the truck trailer. This helps stop rain, sleet, snow, or cold from entering your facility and protects both workers and shipped product from the elements.
  • Energy guards – Utilizing open cell foam encapsulated with reinforced vinyl, energy guards seal off gaps by forming a compression seal around the sides and rear of your dock leveler. Energy guards also effectively prevent pests from entering your facility.
  • TKO doors – TKO knock-out sectional doors’ dual side brush seals and loop seal eliminate air infiltration and light gaps around your door’s sides and bottom. In case of accident/impact, TKO doors can easily be reset and back in use within seconds.

Reduced Winter Energy Costs

In addition to increased safety and better loading conditions for workers, these products also help business owners lower their energy costs. Older doors and doors without seals, shelters, or energy guards are guaranteed to leak heat and therefore cost more to operate. This is especially true if your loading dock is a busy one. You do not want to pay to heat the outdoors. It’s expensive, and, sadly, it won’t make spring come any sooner. With slow doors, however, you can’t help but lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer and pay more money to replace it.

If you would be interested in learning how Beuschel Sales can help make your facility safer and more energy efficient this winter, give us a call. We would love to visit and talk to you about your options for making this coming season cheaper, safer, and overall better for everyone working in your facility.


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