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turbo-es fan

HV-ES Fans vs. HVLS Fans: What’s the Difference?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | October 26, 2020

What is your loading dock or facility environment like? Is it comfortable? Does the air circulate? Workers who have to work in places that are uncomfortable are less productive over time and more likely to quit if they see better opportunities. It’s also vital for many businesses to protect products stored or shipped by carefully […]

conserve heat

Conserve Heat in Your Facility This Winter

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | September 24, 2020

When the cold comes to Michigan in the fall, we all try to beat it in big and small ways. We turn the thermostat up and put on extra layers of clothing. When you own a large building, manufacturing plant, shipping facility, or warehouse, however, it’s a bit more challenging. There are a number of […]

Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light

The Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light Does Twice the Work

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | August 18, 2020

In recent blogs we have been highlighting a variety of lighting solutions that work to illuminate dark or shadowy places and increase safety in the workplace. If your loading dock needs both air flow improvement and better lighting, Beuschel Sales offers a product that meets these needs: the Heavy-Duty Adjustable Fan Light from APS Resource.  […]

G-Flex Series Dock Lights

G-Flex Series Dock Lights – a Bright Spot on Your Loading Dock

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | July 21, 2020

In other blogs we have done this year we’ve highlighted dock lighting products that work in specific ways to make the loading dock brighter and safer. These products include High Impact LED Dock Lights and the Tactical LED Light. In this blog we will talk about two additional dock lights from APS Resource’s G-Flex series: […]

High Impact LED

The High Impact LED™ Dock Light: Illuminate Your Loading Dock

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | June 11, 2020

The loading dock is crucial to the operation of any business or organization that relies on shipping to operate. Enabling workers to be able to load and unload products safely should be an important goal for any company. Part of this involves implementing proper procedures and providing training. The other part is having the right […]

industrial HVLS fans

Kelley Industrial HVLS Fans Keep Your Facility Cool

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | May 26, 2020

Michiganders look forward to the warmer months of spring and summer all year long. There’s so much to enjoy about summer weather in our great state, but high cooling costs and uncomfortable employees do not make that list. If you have trouble keeping your facility cold in summer, you should consider adding an industrial HVLS […]

Versachock trailer restraint

The Versachock Trailer Restraint System – Simple and Affordable

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | April 28, 2020

Loading dock safety equipment does not have to be expensive to work well. One very simple but effective piece of loading dock equipment is the VersaChock trailer restraint system. There are several benefits to using the Versachock to improve safety at your facility. We’ll go over them in this blog.  The Versachock Trailer Restraint System  […]

Tactical LED Light

Tactical LED Light Improves Safety and Awareness

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | March 24, 2020

APS Resource has introduced a new LED light product that is designed to illuminate the loading dock and tractor trailer space, improving safety on the loading dock. The Tactical LED Light works to increase workers’ visual awareness of the dock and also interacts with a trailer restraint to alert them if there is an issue […]


Impact-A-Track Products Protect Your Doors

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | February 25, 2020

Beuschel Sales is pleased to introduce two new products that are designed to protect door tracks in high-traffic areas and improve visibility of dock restraint status. If your warehouse or plant could use additional protection from potential fork truck damage, our Impact-A-Track products are what you need.  2 Impact-A-Track Products with the Same Safety and […]

dock seal accessories

Which Dock Seal Accessories Does Your Facility Need?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | January 30, 2020

Beuschel Sales sells and installs a wide variety of products designed to make your loading dock a safer and more comfortable place sheltered from the elements and pests. In addition to offering dock levelers, seals, and shelters, we also have dock accessories that work in tandem with other dock products to increase their overall effectiveness […]

AquaShield Rain Sealing System

How Does the AquaShield Rain Sealing System Keep Moisture out?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | December 26, 2019

Dock seals are essential when it comes to keeping the Michigan winter out of your loading dock. We’ve discussed the advantages of foam-sided dock seals and L-shaped and V-shaped dock seals. In this blog we will talk about the Kelley AQS900 AquaShield Rain Sealing System. This sealing system is excellent at preventing water from getting […]


L-shaped and V-Shaped Dock Seals

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | November 30, 2019

In our last blog we discussed foam-sided dock seals. Did you know that dock seals come in different shapes, though? Beuschel Sales sells and installs L-shaped and V-shaped dock seals to meet the needs of different loading docks. Both types offer a great seal, but there are advantages to each type. In this blog we […]

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