Add Warehouse Protection to Limit Damage

Ultraslim High Speed Roll Up DoorWhen it comes to loading and storage, the emphasis of both shippers and receivers tends to be on the safety of the product and of their workers, both of which are very important. After all, if the product is damaged by either breakage or spoilage, it can’t be sold, and if workers are hurt, it’s bad new for everyone involved. However Beuschel Sales also sells a number of warehouse protection products designed to protect your facilities because we know that damage caused to your infrastructure is both expensive and inconvenient and can lead to additional damage to people and goods. What protective systems do we sell specifically?

Rails and tracks – Our Sentry-Rail, Trak-Sentry, and Z-Guard products provide both a physical and visual barrier to impact so that important areas of your facility are safeguarded. Whether you need a certain section permanently cordoned off or you want to protect your door tracks from impact, we have all the options you need.

Bollards – Protect the parts of your building that are vulnerable to moving vehicle traffic by installing bollards which will take the force of the collision instead. We also sell safety yellow polyethylene bollard covers which fit over existing bollards and do not require maintenance or repainting.

Column, Pipe, and Post Protectors – Columns, drain pipes, and rack posts are vulnerable to forklifts, hand trucks, drum dollies and personnel traffic, so we have both steel protectors and poly-barrel column protectors. They are easy to install and come  in powder coated safety yellow for higher visibility.

Bumpers – Our vertical and horizontal bumpers provide attachable protection that can be installed anywhere there is danger of impact damage. We have molded bumpers which are perfect for low-traffic dock use, and also laminated bumpers which are thick, reinforced rubber pads laminated between heavy steel angles and absorb over 80% of truck impact. We also sell steel bumpers for more heavy-duty applications.

Dock Impact Barriers and Visual Barriers – While many of our protective systems place a physical barrier between traffic and a specific part or area, sometimes a visual reminder of caution or danger is all that is necessary. For those needs, visual barriers can be used. Our dock impact barriers are composed of aircraft cables encased in flexible fiberglass rails with high visibility nylon netting adding additional strength to withstand impacts of up to 10,000 pounds moving at 4 miles per hour.

 If you have any concerns about how your facilities may be at risk for damage because of the nature of shipping, please do contact us. We would be happy to discuss with you what options are available to fit your specific needs.


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