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How to Prevent Loading Dock Accidents with the Right Safety Equipment

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | November 30, 2015

They do not make the 6 o’clock news often, but accidents at the loading dock – like the death of a man at Butterfield Foods in September – happen when the proper safety equipment and protocols aren’t used and taken. We are so familiar with the idea of trucks delivering the things that we need […]

How to Save Energy at Your Loading Dock This Winter

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | October 26, 2015

Since we are on the cusp of colder weather and all of the challenges that go with it, it’s a good time to discuss energy conservation at the dock and the products that help businesses achieve it, including dock seals, dock shelter, and energy guards. Dock enclosures, which include dock seals and dock shelters, protect […]

Equipment installation

What Makes Beuschel Sales the Best Choice for Dock Equipment and Service?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | September 25, 2015

Michigan’s best dock sales, installation, and service can be found in Sparta, Michigan. What makes the Beuschel experience different and better? At least seven things: 1.      Beuschel service trucks are already stocked with the majority of necessary parts so 90 percent of the repairs we schedule we do can be completed in one trip. This […]

Hydraulic Dock Leveler

The Importance of Using Ergonomic Equipment at Your Loading Dock

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | August 31, 2015

Dock leveling equipment comes in a number of forms – mechanical, hydraulic, or air powered. To people unfamiliar with the processes and safety issues of dock loading and unloading, the differences may seem minor, but to the workers operating them and the fork lift drivers using them, they don’t. Mechanical dock levelers are operated by […]


Why Is Dock Maintenance So Important?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | July 23, 2015

Your company’s doors and dock equipment are vital, but often overlooked, assets. A properly functioning dock keeps products and supplies flowing smoothly in and out of your facility, minimizes the possibility of on-site accidents and energy loss, and keeps unwanted pests or debris from entering your facility. Unfortunately, scheduled dock maintenance is not a high […]

ThermaFreeze Insulated High Speed Door

Why Invest in High Speed Doors?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | June 29, 2015

The production and storage area of any business is not the most visible part, but next time you drive by one, consider what happens there and how inefficiency or exposure in those areas can affect product stability or production. Doors serve as a barrier between clean controlled areas, temperature controlled environments and the undesirable elements […]

save energy

How Would HVLS Fans Benefit Your Facility?

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | May 27, 2015

While most business owners are aware of the importance of comfortable surroundings from a human resources perspective, they often overlook the raw value of a comfortable environment in terms of safety and profitability. While comfort not precisely a measurable state, human thermal comfort depends on a number of measurable factors: temperature, thermal radiation, humidity, and […]

dock layout

How Loading Dock Integrity Affects Public Health

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | April 27, 2015

Most of the public is sanguine about the foods they eat every day, rarely stopping to think where it comes from, how far it traveled to get to them, and under what conditions it was shipped. Whether it’s true that the average number of miles your food travels to get to your plate is 1,500 […]


How to Increase Safety at the Loading Dock

By Beuschel Sales, Inc. | March 31, 2015

Safety at the loading dock should be an important focus for any company that has one. Twenty-five percent of all warehouse accidents currently occur at the loading dock, but with a dedicated focus on implementing both additional training and safety measures, companies can lower those numbers and save themselves and their employees both suffering and […]

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